Titli 21st June 2023 Written Update

Titli 21st June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 21st June 2023 episode starts with Titli being sheepish, seeing Garv shirtless and reverts walking away from the room but trips over the toy and falls back on Garv.

Garv holds her tightly around his arms and rescues her while they lock eyes and a romantic song "Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mei" plays.

Later, Garv tells Titli he needs her help while Titlie states she is already helping him with decorations.

Garv shuns her saying she is getting paid for it so it will not be considered as help and goes on to say he needs a witness in his next hearing in court to explain the judge for his delay as she was stuck in the lift.

Hearing this, Titli agrees and asks Garv what she shall get in return while Garv staunchly asks how much money she demands.

Titlie says all transactions doesn't involve money and rather goes on to ask him to smile throughout the day as a payment for her favour.

Garv denies stating it to be a torture and fake smiles but Titli asks him to be happy from within and smile from his heart and leaves.

On the other hand, Paresh is seen frustrated due to shortage of money while Jayshree comes and assures him that everything will be fine as Titli has grabbed a job in Hiral's boss house while Paresh shuns her.

Meanwhile, Manikant comes storming in his room and says he is annoyed with Koyal, while Maina calms him and asks him to ignore Koyal and patiently handle her as she has done and sacrificed so much for this family.

Maina goes on to add that they have a "special relationship" with Koyal that makes them obliged to acknowledge Koyal.

She rounds off the topic by showing Manikant the personalised gift hamper she has created for the guests while Manikant embraces her telling he loves the fact that Maina is so up-to-date and patient.

Meanwhile, Jayshree brings in a ludo board to calm Paresh and forces him to play and while playing she asks Paresh if she should ask Chintu to add Titli's profile for finding groom online.

Paresh gets annoyed hearing this and leaves while Jayshree's intuitions says that now Titli will definietly meet her soulmate soon.

Later, Garv stupefies looking at Titli's decoration based on the theme of pink and white lavish combination.

Meanwhile, the servant unfurls the rose petals given by Titli on Garv and Titli runs to apologise to him.

Garv admires Titli's work while Titli teaches Garv to smile but later is interrupted by Koyal while Koyal rages thinking Titli is hovering behind Garv always.

Later, Koyal angrily pulls off Titli's decorations while Alpa stops her and asks her to make her a cup of tea, falsely claiming that Manikant has ordered her to do so.

Hearing this, Koyal leaves destroying Titli's work and rushes to the kitchen while Alpa ponders she always takes advantage of the fact Koyal fears Manikant.

Later, Titli comes and hugs Koyal thinking her to be the maid of the house as Manikant vents his anger, while Koyal bashes her saying she will show Titli who she is.

Meanwhile, Hiral plans and make one helper trip over her scooty keys and hurt himself while she assures him to go to hospital and takes up his duties to enter Garv's .

Later, all assemble in the hall for puja while Panditji calls Manikant's wife to company him for conducting the rituals.

Maina goes and sits by while even Koyal seats herself beside Manikant which makes Titli ponder that she will get scolded again.

Further, Panditji asks Manikant's wife to bring her hands for aahuti, hearing which Koyal carries her hands forwards while an insulted Maina withdraws her hands.

Seeing this, guests are perplexed while Titlie wonders if Koyal is Manikant's wife.

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