Titli 23rd July 2023 Written Update

Titli 23rd July 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 23rd July 2023 episode starts with Garv asking Maina if he can proceed with Tilti towards her home for PagPhera.

He tries to take permission from Koyal but Maina intervenes and asks them go to soon so that they can return back early.

As they leave, Maina mocks back to Alpa saying that a biological mother's authority never changes over her son.

Meanwhile as they reach outside, Manikant asks them to take the old narrow car as Titli's locality and alley is too narrow to which Dhristi laughs out loud.

Dhara assures Titli and asks if she has informed at the home of her arrival while she states that they rather want to give them a surprise, as Dhara withdraws her decision to text Chintu.


At Dave's house, Hiral and Chintu banter with each other when Baa mocks Chintu for smiling while texting via his phone.

During nudging with Chintu, Hiral collides with Titli while Hiral left shocked seeing her there.

However, the family gathers and warmly welcomes the couple into their house.

They make them sit while Jayshree brings in snacks for Garv when Titli compliments her teachings and informs her that her cinnamon tea reminds Hiren of someone.

Hearing this, Jayshree freezes and puts on a fake smile while sending Hiral inside her room,

Titli follows Hiral to the room and confronts her about the bracelet.

Hiral staunchly replies that the incident was a mere price she paid for defaming her family and blackmailed her if she wants to fire her from her husband's company.


Paresh overhears this and storms inside the room to ask Hiral if she is earning with her own potential.

Hiral nods her head while Paresh backfires Titli accusing her of trying to fire her own sister from her job.

He states that he did so much for her marriage and happiness but Titli changed her attitude once she married a rich guy and goes on to hit her.

However, Garv enters and flings away his hand, grabbing her collar, and threatens Paresh not to ill-treat his wife.

Everyone attempts to calm down Garv but when things worsen, Jayshree steps in and asks Titli to leave their house immediately with her husband.

Garv declares that he does not want to stay there either and drags Titli along with him.

Titli shrieks out in sadness and weeps out loud calling Jayshree and Paresh from behind.

Later as they reach the car, Titli shouts at Garv for misbehaving with her Kaka while Garv gets frustrated and questions if he was right.

Garv states that he will never tolerate someone who disrespects his wife or causes her pain.


At Mehta Mansion, Koyal sits beside Baapuji and asks him if he recalls today's ceremony while he replies it to be new Bahu's Muh Dikhai.

Koyal and Baapuji joke and laugh out discussing Manikant's anger while she requests him to ask Manikant to participate in the event, to which he agrees at last.

Later, Baapuji comes to Manikant's room and requests him to participate in his Bahu's Muh Dikhai ceremony.

Frustrated, Manikant shouts that he cannot pay heed to his words always as he first made him marry Koyal who could not bear children then forced him to marry Maina due to this reason.

He was compatible with Maina but suddenly he named all his property after Koyal so that she is not left behind or felt inferior, but he agrees to attend the ceremony later.

Meanwhile, Titli calls Chintu but Paresh snatches the call and angrily demands her not to keep any connection with them anymore.

Titli breaks down and tries to express her feelings to Garv when he forces her to cover her face with the veil and assert her to get ready.

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