Titli 23rd June 2023 Written Update

Titli 23rd June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 23rd June 2023 episode starts with Koyal trying to make Garv understand that it was her fault and that is why she got rebuked by Manikant.

However, Garv is not ready to understand and asks Koyal why Manikant keeps blaming her but Koyal reminds him that in his father's anger, there is love.

Garv questions her about what love is there when the next person just wants chances to humiliate.

Koyal then makes him swear that he won't be angry with Manikant or fight with him for her asking him to rest and eat.

Monica calms down Garv

As soon as Garv enters his room, he starts trashing it as his anger gets visible to Manikant.

Meanwhile, Titlie tells Kakima about Koyal and Manikant's equation and says Koyal thinks she deserves his anger.

She then stands in front of her Ladoo Gopal Ji and prays that she never gets a groom like that because she won't be able to tolerate it.

Meanwhile, Garv stares at himself in the mirror and tries to calm himself down.

He states that he is not Manikant and punches the glass with full force when his sisters, Monica and Drishti, come with vanilla shake.

Garv tells them that it is unhealthy and he won't drink it but due to his sisters' soft cajoling, he ends up drinking it after which a white moustache gets formed on his lips.

Both Monica and Drishti laugh while Monica reminds him to just enjoy her wedding.

Garv gets softened and promises Monica that he will never let his anger come in between her wedding and all three of them hug it out.

Later at night, Titlie gets a nightmare about two adults where a man is hitting his wife and the wife keeps pleading (dreams about her own parents) and wakes up startlingly. 

She goes to stand by the window, saying that she is thinking way too much about Koyal and Manikant when she receives audio messages from Garv.

She wonders what he does at 4 AM in the morning when she hears him say through the phone that it is not her job to get curious about why he wakes up early and instructs her to get ready for the setup.

Titlie stands shocked as to how could he read her mind and goes to the kitchen and sees Kakima preparing lunch for her uncle, Paresh.

Titli sends a HEART to Garv

She then shares her nightmare with Kakima who gets shocked as Titlie doesn't know that those she saw in her dreams were her parents only.

Meanwhile, Titlie gets a message from Garv who asks her to reply with a yes or a no but she sends him a thumb after which he writes that she is trying to make him angry.

Titlie laughs out loud but accidentally sends a heart which shocks Garv as he spills the water out of his mouth after the workout. 

Later in the morning, Koyal circles around the Tulsi plant and asks it to prevent her from making mistakes so Manikant doesn't get angry and also keeps Garv's anger in check.

Further, she wishes for a suitable bride for Garv when Titlie comes entering Garv's house and Koyal frowns seeing her.

She tells the Tulsi plant that she doesn't want a bride like Titlie as her wedding was called off and she looks like a home breaker as well.

However, Titlie saves the lighted lamp that falls off from Koyal but she gets rebuked by her to get on with her work.

Garv messages Titli about the flower truck being late and when she goes outside to inspect it, she sees Garv's back turned against the truck and pushes him off the road to save him.

Titlie falls on Garv until the truck driver comes to apologize and Garv goes to inspect the flowers.

Koyal belittles Titli

He tells Titlie that he asked for Orange flowers not yellow but Tilti reminds him that she is the decorator and knows what she is doing.

As both Garv and Titli walk into the house, Koyal thinks that Titli is trying to get closer to him.

Meanwhile, Dadi bashes Titli's bad luck for sending away a full baarat which upsets Kakima.

Later, Titlie and Hiral get appreciated for their decoration but Koyal comes there to fetch attention to herself.

However, Maina also appreciates Titli's hard work when suddenly, Garv enters the decorated hall and Titli looks at him with dreamy eyes.

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