Titli 24th July 2023 Written Update

Titli 24th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 24th July 2023 episode starts with Garv leading Titli towards the event while Koyal proclaims in front of the guests that her daughter-in-law's beauty will leave everyone awestruck.

Koyal unveil's Titli's veil while all of them find Titli crying out loud which makes everyone panic.

Monica and Koyal ask if Titli is okay while the guests mock telling that the Mehta's must have troubled the new bride from the first say itself.

Garv gets agitated and drags away Titli harshly towards their room.

Frustrated, Manikant taunts Titli's upbringing and asks Maina to find out about the issue.

Meanwhile, Koyal assures them and takes up the charge of finding out the truth.

In their room, Garv flanges away Titli roughly and removes his belt, gripping it tightly around his hands, and approaches Titli.

At Dave house, Jayshree and Chintu look at Titli's picture while Jayshree states that Garv might be very ferocious but he will never hurt his wife, which Paresh overhears.

Meanwhile, Garv confronts Titli about her behaviour to which she replies that she is not happy from within and therefore cannot force herself to fake a smile.

Titli shouts telling that she thought that Garv would be like the son of her family while Garv angrily replies back stating that he did his best to be their son.

Garv states that the Dave's had taken her for granted as they randomly and forcefully made her agree to marry 2 trickster boys without checking their background, which they cannot risk for their daughter Hiral.

They get into a heated argument and Garv leaves asserting her to get ready for the event while Koyal hides behind the door and overhears their conversation.

Meanwhile, Paresh shouts at Chintu and Jayshree for supporting their betrayer and counts all that he did for her.

He rushes into Titli's room and breaks apart all her belongings while he sees Garv's poster inside the wardrobe and faints recalling his insult.

On the other hand, Koyal confronts Titli for fighting with Garv, her husband who went against his in-laws just to safeguard her esteem.

She states that Titli never insists or stops Garv when he backfires or ignores Koyal for her and when it comes to her family, she is bashing him hard.

Titli stands still while Koyal explains that she is lucky to have a husband who does not even tolerate his wife's insult behind her back like some husbands gather their friends and make fun of their wives.

As Koyal leaves, Titli gets a call from Chintu and is left stunned.

Later, Garv comes back to the event and announces that Titli will be back soon while Titli runs away ignoring everyone.

Garv stops her by the door, fuming with anger while Titli explains about Kaka's condition.

Manikant asks Garv to let Titli go while Alpa mocks at the couple.

Later at the hospital, Titli arrives where Hiral and Baa bash her harshly for being the sole reason for Paresh's condition.

Meanwhile, Bharti assures Titli and notices finger marks on her wrist when Garv enters and grabs the doctor's collar threatening him to fasten his work.

Later, Paresh comes out fine as the doctor announces it to be a minor panic attack.

Garv expresses his gladness and takes his blessings and leave.

Meanwhile, Paresh tells that he cannot bear seeing Titli's face while Jayshree politely asks Titli to leave as Garv left a while ago.

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