Titli 24th June 2023 Written Update

Titli 24th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 24th June 2023 episode starts with Garv and Titli gazing at each other while Titli thinks Garv coming and complimenting her work and blushes.

However, Garv comes and staunchly orders Titli not to visit the court anymore and rather just record a video of herself being a witness for Garv's delay while Titli returns back a huge smile to him as an agreement.

Meanwhile, Koyal watches Titli smilling back at Garv and thinks she is trying to woo and runs to order her to go to have food with the servants instead.

On the other hand, Monica is seen panicked as her makeup artist disgreed to arrive at the last moment and all other makeup artists in the town are booked.

Overhearing, Titli offers to do her makeup as she has done a course in her college and earned few bucks from the local marriages.

Garv bashes her saying her to be a mere local artist and warns Monica not to trust Titli and leaves but Titli convinces Monica and she agrees.

Later, Manikant rushes outside Monica's room and asks about Monica's whereabouts as the groom's family have arrived while Koyal shouts at Titli outside telling she will not spare her.

Meanwhile, Garv comes and is wrathed to know that Titli is doing her makeup but later everyone is stunned seeing Monica.

Koyal gives Titli ₹20 bakshis to which Titli denies that she rather did this for Monica and Maina's happiness, while Maina blesses her that she gets the best loving man.

Later, Monica and Aditya get engaged and all the Mehta siblings hug each other happily, while Garv reminds Titli to send the video.

Following, the whole Mehta family grooves and excited Titli joins them.

While dancing, Titli's dupatta gets stuck in Garv's watch, pulled by the force she trips over him while Garv cages her waist pulls her closer to him and saves her.

Later, Garv rips Titli's dupatta and tells he will order her a new one from his designer while Titli furiously denies, saying it to be her favorite dupatta.

On the other hand, Baa is surprised to know that the boy wants to meet with Titli alone while Chintu jokes that even he will meet his wife like this and make her fight with Jayshree.

An annoyed Baa tells Jayshree that she will tell the boy to meet her tomorrow

Meanwhile, Garv shuns Titli and asks to send her the video and leaves to check it but is stunned to see Titli rather tricking him by sending a video teaching him to smile.

Fuming in anger, Garv comes and drags away Titli from the grooving crowd to a deserted corridor and throws her to a pillar, confining her.

He shouts at her saying that her trick will doom his career and make him cry for a lifetime but when Titli tries to speak, he covers her mouth and they lock eyes.

Garv asks whether Titli has fallen in love or has a crush on him which makes her uncomfortable and she denies.

Garv leaves and Titli follows but she slips again and falls over him, while he saves her again as they bend over horizontally too close to move any further.

The next day, Garv stands before the judge and is about to ask for excuse when Titli arrives and becomes a witness.

The judge asks Garv to control his anger and thank Titli as she saved him from his dooming career while Garv rushes behind her.

Titli leaves in her scooty, while Garv follows her behind in his car and listens to the audio sent by Titli.

In the audio, she states she just wanted Garv to meet his uncharted side and did not intend to trick him and that she will never let anything to fence Garv's career.

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