Titli 25th June 2023 Written Update

Titli 25th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 25th June 2023 episode starts with few goons trying to harass Titli, asking her to join them as they will drop her home.

Furious, Titli is about to respond when Garv sits behind her scooty and gives a deadly glare at the goons which shuts them up.

Titli taunts Garv saying if she can handle someone as firm as Garv, she can handle any other human being and they get into their silly quarrels.

Annoyed, Garv asks her to proceed home as they are getting late for Monica's wedding preparations.

Later when they arrive at Mehta Mansion, Titli stops her scooty abruptly which makes Garv fall over her and he also grips Titli's arms to save her.

Garv jests that if she applies break to the scooty through her legs, one day her leg will break while Koyal annoyed by their closeness scolds Titli for being late.

Later, while decorating Titli unfolds a white sheet that falls over Garv's face which attracts him towards her and he remains awestruck looking and smiling at her.

Meanwhile, Titli tucks a rose in her hairs which Garv adores but goes closer to her and removes the rose, saying she looks much more beautiful in open hairs which makes her blush.

On the other hand, Maina and Manikant get emotional looking at Monica in bridal attire while Maina applies her kajal to Monica ward off evil eyes while Manikant jests Aditya can run away looking at her and they leave.

Titli comes and exclaims to Monica that she is very happy for her and they leave to witness the Baraat's dance downstairs.

Meanwhile, the Baraat arrives grooving energetically while Garv carries Aditya in his shoulders and welcomes him in while Titli lost in Garv, absent-mindedly shower flowers at him.

Maina welcomes Aditya with all traditions but accidentally drops haldi on Aditya's mother's, Sushma's saree.

Manikant shouts at Koyal to bring in tissue but after wiping off the dirt, Sushma hands over the wipe to Koyal and orders her to throw it away.

Koyal feels insulted but agrees thinking that they are her daughter's in-laws but Titli understands and takes away the tissue from her hands to dispose it.

Sushma hands over a jewelry box to Maina for Monica to wear during the Phera's while Maina hands them to Koyal, against Sushma's wishes.

Later, Koyal sits besides Monica and checks the jewelries weight and purity while Sushma comes in and shouts at Koyal that she is trying to defame them by thinking them to be thieves, gifting fake jewelries to their daughter-in-law.

Sushma storms into the hall while Koyal tries to defend herself saying she was just checking if the jeweller was legit.

However, Sushma insults her harshly saying she is a mere maid and has no authority in the house which gives her the audacity to defame them.

Furious, Garv storms into the brawl and says Koyal has the highest authority in the house and that she as an outsider has no rights to disrespect her and asks Sushma to ask for Koyal's forgiveness.

Sushma ferociously claims that instead Koyal should say sorry while Koyal asks Garv to control his anger and goes on to touch Sushma's feet to ask for forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Titli interrupts and asks Sushma not to make scene out of small things on such a big day but Sushma in turn insults Titli.

Garv says he respects every woman and asks Sushma to say sorry to both Koyal and Titli but instead she breaks the marriage stating Aditya does not tolerate his mother's disrespect.

Garv says he knows even Monica considers Koyal's image and breaks the alliance while the groom side leaves shunning Maina who pleads them to stay back.

Meanwhile, Manikant arrives and drags Garv aside, glaring at him furiously. 

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