Titli 26th July 2023 Written Update

Titli 26th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 26th July 2023 episode starts with Titli asking Garv if he has space in his wardrobe for her clothes while Garv flirts that she occupies the whole of his heart.

Meanwhile, both of them get a call from their friends as they deviate from each other and discuss personally that they intend to conduct a surprise for each other.

They ask each other about their calls but they round off the topic and spend a romantic moment with each other.

Later, Garv arranges the outside of the mansion by bringing in chairs and tables and leaves while Titli comes and alters the venue according to her preference.

Every time they return they see the alternate of what they do and get frustrated yet confused as to how this might be possible.

Concurrently, Garv and Titli collide and get to know about each other's intentions as they reveal to each other their plans.

Titli states that they should proceed with only one of their plan to ease things and asserts him to conduct her plan as she is doing so to please the whole family.

Garv agrees and promises to surprise her secretly.

Later at home, as Manikant leaves for job Garv reveals that he has taken off and asks Manikant to reach back home soon as Titli has planned for a surprise dinner for them.

Manikant gets agitated while Koyal bashes Garv for supporting his wife blindly as she deserves to be ignored owing to the fact she disrespected the whole family.

Dhara intervenes and suggests giving another chance to Titli while Dhristi mocks telling they don't want to see another drama.

Maina and Baapuji explain to Manikant to spit his anger as Titli is also their child while Garv politely requests him to join, which prompts Manikant to agree.

Later in the evening, Titli beautifully decorates the whole lawn with lavish flowers and a huge dining table and welcomes her in-laws.

Monica introduces her brother-in-law, Kabir who has come back to India from London, and banters that the decoration has been done for his welcome.

Garv gets annoyed with him and staunchly replies that his wife has solely done this for his family only.

Meanwhile, Titli apologizes to her in-laws and gives them flowers while getting shocked to see her family members coming toward her.

Garv reveals that he has invited them here to start a fresh bond with his in-laws in return for Titli's gesture towards his family.

Titli thanks Garv for his gesture while Garv banters with her to take her thanks in private.

Later, Titli serves mocktail to everyone while Koyal shouts at her for serving alcohol.

Dhristi laughs and explains to her that the mocktail has no alcohol mixed and all of the members enjoy their drink.

All of the cousins gather to dance and groove to the beats of party songs when Titli drags Garv inside their room.

She reveals to Garv the surprise she has conducted via a canopy date.

Titli arranges mocktail drinks for themselves and takes a sip but jolts up coughing out loud saying that it tastes bitter.

Garv reveals that he had noticed Titli arranging for the canopy and decides to mix alcohol in their drinks to alleviate their mood.

Titli is excited to try alcohol but becomes reluctant but Garv forces her to have some to enjoy tonight.

Later, they dance romantically when Titli runs away and Garv tries to kiss her.

Titli reaches back to the event and distributes wish lanterns to everyone to note down their wishes and float them up into the sky.

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