Titli 26th June 2023 Written Update

Titli 26th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 26th June 2023 episode starts with Monica running to her room and crying while Titli goes after her and consoles her.

Titli tells her that she has been in this position too while Monica reveals how she's upset at Aditya for not speaking up even once.

Meanwhile, in the hallways, Manikant is scolding Garv when Garv retorts saying that Manikant should have praised him for what he did.

On the other hand, Titli tells Monica to speak to her heart and see the answer to if she likes Aditya or not.

Just then, she gets a call from Aditya.

On the other hand, Garv tells Manikant to not call Koyal as the other woman as the whole world knows that she is his first wife.

He states that Manikant should have respected Koyal to begin with which angers Manikant.

As he raises his hand, Koyal comes in between them and begs him to forgive Garv.

Garv leaves stating that he will find a better suitor for Monica.

However, as he enters the room, he gets shocked to see it empty and notices Titli and Monica leaving on their scooter.

He goes to the hall and starts calling his sister while telling the family that Titli has taken away Monica.

Garv calls Titli's sister and demands her to kind Titli and Monica's location in five minutes or else he will call the cops.

Elsewhere, Titli stops the scooter in front of Aditya's family's car.

Aditya's mother comes out and tells them to stay away while Titli convinces them to let Aditya and Monica talk since they are not at fault for what happened today.

Back at home, Hiral scares the family saying that the cops will be coming anytime when only Bhavik enters the house.

Jayshree speaks up saying where is Titli.

Back at Manikant's place, just as Garv is about to walk towards the door, Titli opens the door widely.

Garv and Koyal are about to scold her but stop as they notice Monica and Aditya's family appearing from behind them.

Titli tells them that Aditya's mother only wanted him to respect her while she tells everyone that two people who love each other should not separate because of the family's problems.

As Titli talks for them, Aditya and Monica also speak up stating that they want to get married but with the family's approval only.

The family agrees to the children's happiness and proceeds with the marriage while Monica hugs Titli thanking her.

Garv admires Titli thinking that he doesn't even speak properly to her while she resolved his family's problem.

However, Titli gets a call from Jayshree and leaves the marriage while Garv runs after her.

He sees her leaving and smiles to himself while Titli returns home and gets scolded by Hiral, Baa, and Jignesh all together.

Bhaveek comes there and tells Titli that she should help others as their daily doesn't allow it.

Hiral and Baa start thrashing her while Jayshree takes Titli away and tells her that she did a good job.

Later, as Garv calls Titli to thank her, he overhears Baa ordering Titli to go and meet Sanket at the lake and he feels an unusual feeling in his heart.

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