Titli 27th July 2023 Written Update

Titli 27th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 27th July 2023 episode starts with everyone enjoying and trying to write a wish on their lanterns which Titlie gives them but on the other hand, Koyal is disheartened as she doesn't know how to read and write.

Meanwhile, Title decides to help Koyal write her wish on the lantern.

Titlie tells Koyal that her wish should reach the sky first as she has always manifested to keep the family together.

Further, Garv takes Titlie aside and shows his wish to her that he always wants to keep Titlie happy.

Similarly, Titlie writes her wish on the lantern that she wants her family to always stay happy.

Unfortunately, Garv does not like her wish and corrects it with a pen as he wants both of them to always stay happy and adds that only he has the right to Titlie's wish.

Altogether, they fly their lanterns with the hope that their wish comes true.

However, Titlie feels a little queasy because of the few sips of alcohol therefore, she decides to go to the washroom but she missteps and Kabir helps her.

Garv witnesses Kabir assisting Titlie and becomes very angry upon realizing that he is touching his wife.

He starts beating Kabir while he is telling Garv about Titlie being drunk in the middle of the hall.

In the middle of the yelling and fighting, Garv pushes Titlie and she falls realizing Garv's possessiveness and anger since she's feeling like it's the end of her world.

Jayshree goes to Titlie in order to console her since she is feeling devastated while Titlie explains the situation and enquires what was her mistake since Garv pushes her roughly.

Meanwhile, Garv refuses Manikant for apologizing to Kabir while Monica's father-in-law shouts at Manikant for the disrespect and asks him to keep Garv in control.

Jayshree explains Titlie about Garv's unintentional push as he did that due to the heat of the moment.

On the other hand, Koyal starts blaming Titlie for misbehaving and roaming around being drunk.

She even points a finger at Titlie's family for their upbringing and Titlie's family leaves being disheartened.

Titlie reassures herself that everything will be fine but Koyal comes and starts scolding Titlie for being irresponsible and for Garv leaving without informing.

This prompts Titlie that maybe Garv has a realization that he pushed her and maybe he's blaming himself.

Dhara comes to Titlie and asks her to sit down and drink water.

She tells Titlie that she always manifested a love story like them (Titli and Garv) but after today maybe she's not looking for it anymore.

However, Titlie tries to defend Garv in front of Dhara and tells her that it was all due to the moment that Garv pushed her and it doesn't change the fact that he loves her so much.

Later, Garv returns and gives Titlie a gift which is heartbreaking for Titlie as she thinks he will apologize to her but unfortunately, he doesn't.

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