Titli 29th July 2023 Written Update

Titli 29th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 29th July 2023 episode starts with Koyal shouting harshly at Titlie while stating that a little time that has passed since her marriage, and this is her condition, God knows what else she will experience in the future.

At the office, Garv is dishearteningly scrolling Titlie's messages from the previous night and wondering what makes her think that he could push her intentionally as he can never bear to see Titlie injured.

In the meantime, Titlie is talking to Jayshree while expressing her feelings and asking what her mistake is regarding Garv.

Jayshree tells Titlie that it is her mistake to bring back the topic again when Garv has moved on from it and she adds, that the past should always remain in past.

She tells Titlie to go to reassure Garv and apologize to him which makes Titlie feel guilty.

Hiral stands near Jayshree secretly and eavesdrops on their conversations while she decides to plan something against Titlie to instigate more clashes between them.

Manikant asks Maina about bringing gifts for Monica's in-laws while Drishti tells them about Monika leaving the family chat group and Manikant begins to blame Titlie for that matter too.

However, Dhara takes a stand for Titlie since no one understands her emotions but Alpa interrupts her immediately and tells her to not defend her as they all know Garv's condition.

Meanwhile, Titlie tries to call Garv but he continues to ignore her calls until he receives a text message saying that they promised to solve problems together after which he decides to call her back.

She asks him if she can come to his office to sort out the things between them and Garv finally agrees to it.

Elsewhere, Paresh neglects his tea and leaves while Titlie's Baa yells that they should stay away from Titlie's in-laws to avoid the mis happenings while Hiral promises herself to take revenge on Titlie.

Koyal arranges a kitchen ritual for the peace and harmony of her family and Titlie gets dragged into cooking halwa for everyone and fails to inform Garv that she cannot go to the office.

However, Hiral goes and files a complaint against Garv for domestic violence on his wife but the constable tells her to either bring the victim to file a case or drop the case.

The inspector stops Hiral and tells them that the police are not allowed to be scared of lawyers and he files a complaint.

Koyal stands beside Titlie as usual making her more conscious and she adds more water while Koyal continues to yell at her.

Meanwhile, Garv is waiting for Titlie when his staff comes and informs him about the arrival of his client for an important meeting but he chooses to delay the meeting as his wife is about to come.

Titlie messes up repeatedly when Koyal asks her why is she so distracted and she tells her about going to Garv but Koyal refuses her to go anywhere and tells her that she will inform Garv about it.

Garv keeps waiting for her wife continuously since Koyal has not informed him yet as she got distracted by household matters.

Elsewhere, Manikant and Maina go to Monica's in-laws to apologize to them about yesterday while they tell them about Monika breaking all her relations with her family to continue being their daughter-in-law.

The priest asks Titlie to serve Bhog to Thakur ji while Garv comes home and before Titlie can talk to him, Koyal interrupts in between and asks him to take blessings from the priest.

Titlie apologizes to Garv for not being able to come to his office since Koyal did not let her go because of the ritual but Garv stops Titlie from speaking further.

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