Titli 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Titli 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 2nd August 2023 episode starts with Titli 2nd August 2033 :

The episode starts with Koyal asking Garv what he is searching for and Garv replies that he can’t find the car keys.

Koyal refuses Garv to go anywhere while he protests to go as he has something important work to do.

Just then, everyone gathers in the living room and Manikant asks Garv where he wants to go while Garv hears someone saying to him in a friendly manner that he won’t enhance.

When Garv turns back towards the entrance door, he sees Monika coming towards him which flatters him with happiness and everyone gets delighted while Titli enters after Monika.

Monika hugs Garv and tells him that he isn’t well but still wants to go out and tells him that he is so lucky to get such a generous wife who can convince anyone.

Monika asks Titli to mimic Aditya’s mom which makes everyone laugh.

Further, Manikant opens his arms to hug Monika while she recalls when Manikant gave her in-laws the liberty to do anything they want with Monika if she misbehaves. 

She moves forward to hug Maina ignoring Manikant’s hug which stuns Manikant and upsets him. 

Koyal tells Monika that she will take off the evil eyes from Monika.

However, Maina tells Koyal to do the same with Titli too and starts praising her concluding by thanking her.

Titli suggests everyone do something together since they all are together including Monika while Manikant pitches to make Monika’s favourite dishes and Titli tells her that she will make her favourite dishes.

Later, everyone leaves but Manikant stops Monika and starts explaining to her the importance of cooperating with the in-laws. 

Monika interrupts and asks him if her in-laws will really do something bad to her then what will he do.

Manikant tells her that no one can do anything to her as her father is Mr. Manikant Mehta.

They both resolve the misunderstanding and reconcile by hugging.

Elsewhere, the inspector reaches in Hetal’s office and starts yelling at her for wasting her time but she requests him not to tell anyone about the complaint.

The inspector puts a condition in front of Hetal to bring all the files of the past cases on Garv.

She hesitantly agrees to it by stating that he surely has something personal with him.

At home, Koyal is buying vegetables from the vendor while Garv is lovingly irritating Titli and praises her for winning the test.

Titli tells him that she has never failed a test and Maina enters.

Garv instantly leaves Titlie as he sees Maina and becomes awkward but Titli starts irritating and asking him to hold her.

However, Garv holds Titli and challenges her that she has to kiss him on the lips in front of everyone in order to leave her but she yells and he automatically leaves her.

Koyal tells Titli to come into the kitchen as Titli has to prepare all the meals and it is a challenge for her.

Garv starts teasing her in front of Koyal and Maina that Titli loves challenges and never loses.

Later, in the kitchen Titli is multi-tasking and stressing that she has never prepared this much food and she burns her hand.

Koyal enters and looks out for her while yelling at her for being irresponsible in the kitchen.

Koyal scolds Titli for not being able to handle everything and she overheats the food which gets spoiled. Koyal helps her in the kitchen while Titli is admiring her.

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