Titli 2nd July 2023 Written Update

Titli 2nd July 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 2nd July 2023 episode starts with Garv explaining to Titli that once anyone reaches the shore of love, they should stop swimming as he himself did and transformed himself.

Garv tells Titli she should realise that Garv is not that kind of guy who worships God or keeps a fast to attain some womans attention but he does this solely for Titlie.

Further, Garv states that even if Titli still has trust issues she should notice where they stand as he cannot speak lie at a temple and they lock eyes.

Meanwhile, Paresh comes walking toward the mandir and spots Sanket recording something with his phone after which he calls him out.

Sanket stops recording and seems nervous while Paresh asks him what he meant by the statement that he loves Titlie too much which would stop him from keeping her happy.

Without answering Paresh's question, Sanket says that he would meet him the next day at the pooja.

Meanwhile, Koel asks the servant not to close the door as Garv is not home yet and she proceeds to call Garv to find out where he has gone.

Maina gets taunted by Alpa about how she seems less worried about her children compared to her elder sister.

As Maina says that Garv is lucky to have two mothers in his life, Alpa says that Maina is the lucky one as she never had to do anything except give birth to the children.

Maina replies that she worships both Devaki and Yashoda as Lord Krishna's mother but some people do not have the mentality to understand that.

Garv returns home with a burnt hand which makes Koel and Maina worried about him and Koel concludes that it must be because of Titli's ominousness.

Later, Koel mistakenly pours tea over the laptop where Manikant was talking to his friend making him shout at her.

Maina calms down Manikant and he says that he was about to talk to his friend for Garv and his daughter's marriage but Koel ruined it.

The next day, Titli makes the final preparations for the puja and wonders what she should do about the confusion in her life because of Garv.

Garv comes there and tells Titli that she should think from her heart instead of her brain which would give her the correct answer.

Putting the garland on Titli, Garv says that he is always there for her to chase out the confusion as he wants her to pick him for herself.

The Mehta family as well as Titli's family reach the temple for the puja and Jayshree requests Drishti to take Baa with her in the VIP line as she is struggling in the crowd.

Drishti asks for 500 rupees and insults Jayshree to try to surpass their low class which does not belong to the VIP line.

Manikant asks for Garv and they try to call him but the Mehta family spots Garv brooming off garbage at the temple and get furious at him for doing something mean like that.

Garv says that he is doing his service for something he desires and it cannot be bought with money.

The pooja is about to start when Titli switches on the projector to display Radha-Krishna's pictures but she and Garv appear in each other's arms.

Sanket calls Titli shameless for doing such things at the temple while Titli says that it must be him, who did it to take revenge on her.

Koel says that Titli is trying to seduce Garv for many days and it must be her deed to get married to Garv.

Baa states that they might be poor but they value respect very much and teach their children the same too after which both get into an argument.

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