Titli 2nd September 2023 Written Update

Titli 2nd September 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 2nd September 2023 episode starts with Dadaji talking about Manikant to Titli where he mentions that Manikant has four children while Titli seems confused.

Titli wonders about Manikant’s four children but then she thinks of Dadaji’s short-term memory and says to herself that he might have forgotten the maths.

Further, Dadaji tells Titli not to be selfless like Koyal in her life, in fact, he tells her that her name is Titli and she's got wings to fly passionately when she promises him the same.

Dadaji adds that he knows the trick to make Titli come back to the house and he reveals the idea to her, making Titli laugh playfully.

Titli goes to the electricity box of the house and turns down the MCB which leads to the power off in the whole Mehta house.

Manikant thinks to check the electricity box when he opens the door and everyone including him spots the seating arrangement outside while on the other side, something’s cooking on the gas.

Just then, Koyal gets worried about Dadaji’s health and asks him to rest in his room but Dadaji refuses, saying that he’ll not go inside the house without Titli.

However, Titli expresses her guilt in front of everyone and asks for an apology from Manikant when Maina interferes and accuses her of making Dadaji sit outside at night.

Titli asks everyone to spend some time with Dadaji and their family just like they used to do before as it will give everyone immense pleasure.

Gradually, everyone starts taking their seats outside and has a huge smile on their faces when Titli spots Garv who is still upset with her.

Garv is about to leave when Titli rushes and stops him, asking for an apology while Garv informs her how much his family means to him.

He mentions that she has to be responsible as he hates it when someone talks ill about her, Titli nodding her head in agreement, expresses how she feels when no one understands her in this family.

She mentions how much she loves them but is unable to plead them but Garv tells her that it’s all because of her carelessness and he leaves from there.

Afterwards, Titli is standing alone outside wondering about her mistakes when she sees 2 boys trying to capture Drishti’s video and is looking towards her window.

Titli immediately hits a stick and drops their phones, provoking them to misbehave with her when one of them tries to touch Titli and she strikes him hard on his face.

Just then, Garv appears and starts beating them with rage in his eyes while Titli stands numb behind him and looks at Garv being so mad in love with her.

Later, Garv yells at her for handling everything on her own when Titli is about to say something but is interrupted by Garv’s love as he hugs her tightly out of concern.

However, Titli reveals how much she cares about Drishit’s reputation and she has to take action on her own to handle the situation.

They both resolve their issues when Garv asks if she remembers his birthday and Titli smirks at him, saying that she has even planned a surprise for him.

On the other hand, Jayshree and Hiren are having a conversation on a call when Hiren thanks her for helping in finding Dadaji while Jayshree brushes it off by saying that she’s happy to help him.

Maina overhears their conversation wondering about who’s the lady on the other side and checks his phone as soon as she gets the opportunity, learning that he was talking to Jayshree.

The next morning, Titli wakes up and starts preparing for Mr. Kapadia’s order while Garv wakes up and is anxious if Titli might have completed her order.

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