Titli 30th August 2023 Written Update

Titli 30th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 30th August 2023 episode starts with Titli accepting Mr. Kapadia’s order of 500 flower baskets to save Garv and Manikant’s relationship with their special client.

After Mr. Kapadia leaves, Koyal lashes out at Titli for going against everyone and accepting the order followed by Alpa who taunts Titli for going to earn the money to help her Mayka.

However, Titli replies decently that if a boy’s responsibility of helping his parents doesn’t change even after his marriage then even a girl should not be bound by this.

Titli asks everyone to believe her potential for once and she promises that she’ll not neglect any household chores, asking everyone’s blessings to complete this huge order in just 1 day.

Hiren, Dadaji, and Dhara stand there in support of Titli and shower their blessings on her.

Further, Garv goes to his room and curses Titli for planning all this and bringing a lunch basket for him just to impress his clients to seek some work from them, calling himself a fool.

He mentions that Titli should do all the special things only for him and rebukes Titli for the way she smartly used him for her work.

Garv panics and is blind in fury when he thinks of creating a mess by eating Til ke Laddu being aware of his allergies with Til.

On the other hand, at late night, Titli gathers every necessary item she needs for making the flower basket and passionately prepares the baskets since she has very little time.

Garv brings a bowl of Til ke laddu and starts cramming his mouth with several laddus at a time, finding it difficult to even swallow it down.

Dhara comes to help Titli when Titli decides to show a basket to Garv and that’s when she spots rashes all over his body while Garv struggles to breathe but still doesn’t forget to smirk at Titli secretly.

Titli gets scared seeing him like this and calls everyone in their room when Manikant a doctor to at least learn about what Garv is going through.

The doctor claims it is an allergy which can happen with the dynamic environment too and just then, Drishti shouts, blaming the flower basket for Gav’s allergy.

However, Titli explains her actions that she was unaware of his allergies to flowers when Manikant gives her flower basket to Koyal and she throws them out of the house.

Meanwhile, Maina and Drishti lash out at Titli for being careless and irresponsible of her husband’s choice.

Everyone leaves to bring medicine for Garv when Titli spots a bowl of Til ke laddu on the side table which opens her eyes in shock and she questions Garv about it.

Titli questions him for not even taking a stand when everyone was blaming her flowers for his allergy while Garv clenches his fist in anger and stares at her with his red eyes, snatches the bowl, and throws it on the floor.

When Maina enters the room and defends Garv’s action saying that it was her bowl and she had consumed those laddus when Titli was decorating her basket outside, Maina came to meet Garv.

Maina’s sudden support for Garv shocks her and he pretends naive, accusing Titli of blaming him despite his condition while Titli apologizes to him.

Just then, he goes outside and starts collecting the flowers in the basket that Koyal threw outside and mentions that Titli got those clients just because of him and his reputation.

Garv blames Titli for bringing the fancy lunch just to impress his clients while Titli defends herself but Garv calls her a liar and expresses that he feels like a fool.

Titli remains standing numb listening to Garv’s dominant nature and questions her potential to him when Garv again plays a sympathy card.

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