Titli 30th June 2023 Written Update

Titli 30th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 30th June 2023 episode starts with Manikant scolding Maina for letting Koyal handle the household, insulting Koyal for being ominous and reckless.

Manikant shouts at Maina that she would have been responsible for any thing that would have happened in this house while Hiren interrupts but gets scolded for being indolent, lying at home.

Garv stops Manikant for shouting at everyone but Koyal swears him by her name to keep his mouth shut.

Manikant keeps on insulting Koyal when Titli steps in while Koyal bugs her off telling her she has no rights to talk in her family matters.

Titli apologises and leaves while seeing Titli embarrassed, Garv breaks down and jolts off Koyal's hand to run behind her, leaving Koyal astonished.

Meanwhile, Titli panics seeing her scooter tires punctured but Garv asks her to trust her front wheel tire because vehicles have two tires to support each other in troubled times.

Garv tells Titli that the biggest mistake that destroy's one's life is when we fail to judge a person's intention and asks Titli not to let go of someone who loves and cares for her more than his life, just due to fear related to past.

Garv moves towards Titli as she moves back and gets stuck by the scooter while Garv comes closer and tucks in her hair behind her ear's and tenderly fondles her arms.

Later at night, Bharti explains Titli not to compare Rahul with Garv as he is very rare, maybe a bit arrogant but did go against his own mother for Titli.

Meanwhile, Paresh storms into the house fuming with anger and asks Hiral to upload Garv's image in the internet and inform everyone that he is a scoundrel while Hiral shouts exclaiming that he is her boss.

Concurrently, Bharti says Garv did not trap Titli with hia fake emotions being the best guy for her and banters that Titli's silence speaks for her agreement to his proposal.

On the other hand, Garv brings in food for Koyal while Koyal breaks down telling him that even in Manikant's rebukes, she used to find his love and care for her and states she will never loose her fight to achieve Manikant's love and attention.

Koyal laughs and says Garv won't understand this unless he gets a girl for whom he can sacrifice anything to make her happy while Garv smiles and informs Koyal that he has fallen for Titli, leaving Koyal furious.

Meanwhile, Baa brings out Titli and asks her to choose one amongst the three graciously dressed grooms while all of the three offer their promises and kneel down infront of her with flowers.

Titli is left confused but later is left shocked to see all the three of them to be Garv and wakes up gasping for breath, realising it to be a mere dream.

The next day, the whole Mehta family assemble for breakfast when Manikant announces Monica's arrival for Pagphera and requests Maina not to involve Koyal anymore.

Later, Maina follows Koyal to the kitchen and asks her to help her out as she knows nothing about the rituals to which Koyal agrees.

Meanwhile, Garv enters as Maina leaves and asks Koyal why she is angry with him.

Koyal shoo's him away while Garv asks if she is taken back hearing that he loves Titli while Koyal agrees.

Koyal tells him that Titli is a substandard girl who created a barrier between them and will only break the household being ominous.

She keeps Garv's palm on her head and swears him with her name, asking him to stay away from Titli while forced Garv has to agree.

Koyal happily leaves while Hiren notices Garv sad and broken after their agreement.

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