Titli 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Titli 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 3rd July 2023 episode starts with Baa and Koyal getting into a quarrel when Maina tries to calm them, while Paresh accuses Titli for betraying and shaming them behind their backs.

Paresh goes on to hit Titlie in a rage when Garv walks in and withdraws his hand.

Paresh recalls Garv and insults him, telling him that his whole family is discourteous like him who shift their mistakes onto another's head, adopting unnecessary pride for being rich.

Meanwhile, Garv aggressively hits Sanket and threatens him to spill the beans, otherwise, he will be left disabled throughout his life.

Coerced, Sanket discloses the truth of his revenge while Paresh grabs his collar and throws him away, scolding that he is too insensitive that he went so low to defame Titli, not considering who will marry her.

Meanwhile, Garv intervenes and states Titli does not require anybody’s mercy and assures Paresh not to worry about her life as he loves her more than his own life.

Everybody is left perplexed while Garv goes on to state that he has started respecting her more after she rejected his proposal, which shows she will always love a person looking at his good heart and not his money.

Garv explains that as Lord Krishna is incomplete without Radha, even his life is void without Titli.

Hearing this, Paresh scolds him, saying such big dialogues sound good only in movies, while Koyal and Baa respectively drag away Garv and Titli apart and leave for home.

Later at night in Mehta's mansion, Garv proclaims that he will only marry Titli as he can never compromise in love, while Manikant scolds him for hallucinating to think that Titli can ever be their Bahu.

Koyal intervenes, telling them that Garv is innocent and that Titli has hypnotised him in her spell when Manikant shouts that both of them are fools trying to defame their family.

Koyal scolds Garv that he disobeyed her words, while Manikant gets furious, knowing that Koyal already knew about this and hid it from the family when Garv stops him from insulting her.

Hiren intervenes, explaining Garv desires Titli badly, but Manikant shuns him, telling even he has destroyed his life trapped in this game of love.

Finally, Manikant asserts that his decision is final, that he cannot let Garv marry Titli but will rather get him married to a rich girl, who matches their status.

Furious, Garv goes on to insult him, telling him he is very mean to understand relations, as he never judges love but only benefits and that even after being his own blood, he hates him and does not intend to be like him.

Manikant breaks down after being insulted by his son and screams at Koyal, accusing her of poisoning Garv’s mind against him and using Garv to win over him.

On the other hand, at Titli’s house, Hiral proclaims that Titli might have done something to Garv, as he is too arrogant to consider anyone, while Chintu states that he feels Garv truly finds Titli to be special.

Hearing this, Titli runs to her Ladoo Gopal and asks him to set everything right and weeps.

Soon she dives deep into her imagination, thinking that she is spending romantic moments with Garv as he sways her in a flower-adorned swing, sits so close as their eyelashes meet and pats a rose down her cheeks so as to kiss her when she returns to actuality.

Later, all the family members enter her room while Jayshree forces Titli to tell the truth, under her swear, if she reciprocates his love, but Baa scolds her for trying to knowingly break her previous marriage.

Titli swears that she had always responded back negatively to Garv’s proposal, but along with this, when she accepted him with all her heart, she is yet to ponder.

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