Titli 4th August 2023 Written Update

Titli 4th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 4th August 2023 episode starts with Garv looking offended by something and questioning Titli that where she went so late at night without even asking him.

Sometime before, Jayshree is stopping Hiral from making a call to Titli while Paresh comes and snatches the phone from Hiral saying that he doesn’t need any money from anyone until he’s alive and he leaves.

At Mehta’s, Titli tells Garv that she is very happy as everything just went according to her plan when Garv stops her and says while holding her that there’s so much left to be done now.

Titli replies to him that the fruit of patience is sweet and looks towards the gift box which Garv gave her.

However, Titli receives an audio message from Jignesh about Titli joining the florist shop when Garv realises this and snatches her phone.

Further, Garv tells her that he will transfer some money to Paresh’s bank account and Titli need not go to work but Titli refuses him to transfer any money as Paresh will be upset about it.

Garv makes Titli sit down on the bed and asks her to respect his opinion about her not working thing as there’s something more important than that.

Listening to this, Titli gets scared while Garv comforts her that he is talking about their honeymoon and he was planning a surprise but has to reveal it now.

Meanwhile, Garv feels some dizziness and Titli asks him to rest as he must be tired while they both conclude that Titli will be on their honeymoon first and will then start working.

Coming back to Hiral, she’s in Garv’s office searching for the files with the help of a phone torch which the inspector has asked her to bring.

Just then, Titli switches on the light in Garv’s cabin which jolts Hiral.

Titli questions her and tells her that she saw a notification on Garv’s phone about the security in his cabin and a CCTV footage of Hiral.

Further, Titli warns Hiral not to take advantage of her and drags Hiral to her car telling her that she will leave her but Hiral prefers to go home by a cab.

However, Titli notes down the number of Hiral’s cab and tells Chintu about her and not to tell Jayshree and Paresh about it.

Titli adds, that Chintu has to keep an eye on Hiral as she is up to something while Titli realises the stress in Chintu's voice.

Chintu tries to avoid Titli’s question by making an excuse but Titli tells him to tell the truth and then she learns about it.

Coming back to the present, Titli returns back to her home when she sees Garv standing at the door and questioning her rudely.

Titli tells him that she saw a notification on the phone about the security in his office while Garv finishes her sentence and tells that no one was there.

He yells at her for going late at night to his office that too alone and that too without informing him.

Elsewhere, Chintu is yelling at Hiral for not thinking once about doing these random things but Hiral shouts back at him and throws him out of his room.

At Mehta’s, Titli is unable to sleep as she’s worried about Paresh and now Garv is also angry with her.

She asked for Rs.35,000 from Bhakti while telling her that she will return it as soon as possible.

However, the next morning Titli irritates Grav and wakes him up telling him that they have to leave for the honeymoon and she has done all her packing.

Garv wakes up and sees lovely gestures to Titli to apologise to him and then she says sorry, Koyal comes to the door.

Garv replies that they are coming but he is still angry with Titli.

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