Titli 6th June 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Titli 6th June 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Today's Titli 6th June 2023 episode starts with a little girl named Titli running after a butterfly in her house courtyard.

Before Titli can grab the butterfly, her mother calls her name from the inside the house, urging her to put some flowers at Lord Krishna’s feet.

Meet Titli's family

Titli asks her mother if she can put the butterfly at lord Krishna’s feet since it is also beautiful.

Her mother makes her understand that butterflies are meant to fly in the sky so they should not catch the butterfly.

Hearing this, Titli questions her mother excitedly if she will also fly in the sky like this butterfly and her mother replies that everyone girl deserves to fly in the sky.

When Titli inquires if her mother also flies in the sky as she is also a girl, the smile on her mother’s face gets replaced by a sour expression.

At the same time, Titli’s father returns from work who turns out to be a drunkard and does not care for his family.

Later at night, Titli’s mother scolds her husband for coming home drunk since today is her "Karva Chauth" but her husband does not seem to be interested.

Her husband even throws the aarti thali on the ground, grumbling that today is not his wife’s funeral which means it is not special.

Meanwhile, little Titli is busy drawing her parents in her sketchbook without any idea that her world is about turn upside down.

Titli lets out a scream as her mother stumbles on the spilled water on the floor and as her mother’s head touches the floor, her mother loses consciousness.

She keeps calling her mother’s name, urging her to wake up but her mother does not open her eyes.

Afterward, Titli’s Kakima (aunt) takes Titli to her house to stay with them since Titli’s father has also committed suicide but the rest of the family doesn’t want to keep Titli with them.

The grandma blames Titli’s mother for her son’s death and Titli just stands at the doorway drenched in rain.

Finally, everyone gives in to Kakima’s wish and Kaku assumes that Titli’s past will stay with Titli like a shadow throughout her life.

Titli - the problem solver 

Since then, twenty-four years have passed and Titli is a grown-up girl, and today is Titli’s best friend’s wedding.

She and her other friend, Bhakti, welcome the baarat but get upset as they find no one is dancing, making Bhakti comment that the baarat is very boring.

However, when Bhakti turns around, she finds Titli missing and just then loud music starts coming from the speaker.

It turns out to be Titli who lifts everyone’s spirit by making everyone groove with her in the baarat.

Meanwhile, the bride’s parents are concerned as they have failed to collect the pearl "Varmala" (garland) for the groom just like the groom’s mother has demanded.

Titli overhears the conversation so she urges the parents not to be worried as she will bring a precious varmala for the groom.

She then orders Chintu to keep the groom busy till she makes the Varmala for the groom.

Before she finishes, the groom’s mother throws a tantrum after finding out that the girl’s parents have not arranged a pearl varmala.

The groom’s mother grabs the groom’s hand to drag him out of the mandap, and Titli arrives there with a varmala with so many different flowers.

She makes the groom’s mother understand how the varmala is very precious as it holds the flowers that represent god and the groom’s mother pulls Titli in for a hug.

Once this problem gets solved, Titli tells Bhakti that she has to go as today is her parents’ anniversary and Titli thinks that her parents’ relationship was filled with love because her Kakima has said stories like this.

However, as she is leaving, she gets stopped by a creepy man who urges Titli to dance with him in a very creepy tone.

Before Titli can say anything, she stumbles on her feet.

Just as she is about to fall, Rahul Virani catches her in his arms and he also scares the creepy man away.

Rahul introduces himself as Titli’s old school senior and says that he has come for the groom’s wedding from Dubai while Titli thanks him for his help.

Later, as Titli is going home on her scooter, it breaks down in the middle of the isolated road and the creepy man appears there to help her out.

Titli bluffs about her father being a deputy police commissioner in an attempt to escape the man but the man laughingly replies that he knows Titli is an orphan whose value is like a slipper.

Meanwhile, Garv Mehra who is a lawyer teaches his client's in-law's family a lesson by driving their car too fast which makes the family members believe that they are going to die.

They finally give in and agree to give full alimony to Garv's client so Garv sits on his bike to drive away.

As Garv is driving, his eyes meet Titli's who is struggling to get free from the creepy man and music starts playing in Titli's heart.

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