Titli 7th June 2023 Written Update

Titli 7th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 7th June 2023 episode starts with Titli trying to save herself from the creepy guy while Garv comes towards them but doesn't bother to check on Titli.

Meanwhile, Paresh arrives and saves Titli.

Later in their house, Titli's grandmother starts to blame her for having a boyfriend, while Paresh asks her why she didn't return with Chintu.

Chintu tells them that Titli wanted to leave but he wanted to stay, so Paresh asks why she didn't stay.

Titli says that today is her parent’s anniversary, making Paresh very angry as he destroys all the decorations that Titli has made.

The grandmother insults Titli's dead mother and tells Paresh to look for a groom and fix her marriage. 

Further, Kakima tells Titli that her grandmother's idea isn't bad and suggests she get married.

Titli is hesitant about marriage

Kakima tells her that with the right partner, life becomes easy, while Titli asks her how she can choose the right one.

She replies that Titli doesn't have to worry about that as one's heart can tell who the right person is just by looking at them.

Titli wishes that her married life is like her parents, while Kakima remembers her parent’s toxic marriage life.

Meanwhile, Chintu arrives with a biscuit cake and apologies to Titli for not returning with her. 

The next day, Titli gets an order for car decorations and she accidentally ends up decorating Garv's car.

Titli later finds out that she has decorated the wrong car, while Garv arrives there and unlocks his car.

Titli hides while Garv gets angry seeing his car decorated with an 'I love you' sign.

She plans to run away but Garv finds her and tells her that Titli's decoration is good, while Titli gets surprised by his reaction.

Garv gets in his car and leaves, while a butterfly manages to enter his card through the window somehow.

On the other hand, Titli makes a sorry sign with flower petals for Dadi and Paresh while apologising to them and they end up apologizing to her.

Dadi asks Titli to bring breakfast and while they start having breakfast, Rahul and his mother arrive with sweets.

Dadi and Paresh welcome them and later inform Titli that they have fixed her marriage with Rahul, making her and Kakima surprised

Paresh orders Titli to prepare tea for everyone and she agrees.

While making the tea, Tilie is lost in her thoughts and starts mixing the wrong ingredients.

Kakima comes and stops her from adding further wrong ingredients while telling her that she can understand her situation.

Rahul meets Titlie

She tells Titli that until she agrees they can't fix the marriage when Dadi comes and asks Titli if she has another boy.

Titli declines and states that she cannot take a big decision like marriage right now.

Meanwhile, Rahul's mother is bragging about her son in front of Paresh while Rahul gets a call and goes to the roof to talk.

Titli tries to convince Dadi that she is rushing it but Dadi doesn't listen and leaves. 

Rahul is on a video and calling the other person darling, while Titli arrives and asks him who he is talking to.

Rahul tells Titli that he has someone else in his life, while Titli says she also has someone else.

Rahul gets surprised and clarifies that he is talking about his dog and Titli tells him that she is talking about her cat.

Titli tells Rahul to not rush things, while on the other hand, Rahul's mother is telling everyone not to delay things and fix a date for the marriage swiftly.

At the terrace, Titli suggests to Rahul that they get to know each other first, but Rahul tells her that he already knows her.

Rahul gets hurt

Rahul asks if Titli doesn't like him or if she has a problem with arranging a marriage but Titli tells him that she always wanted to arranged marriage but taking a decision right now is confounding.

On the other hand, Garv arrives with the decorated car and his assistants giggle at his car after which he rebukes them to work more and laugh less.

Further, Rahul's mother and Titli's family arrive on the terrace.

Rahul's mother asks them if they agree to marry, then she is about to give a golden coin as a good fortune and family ritual to Titli, but Rahul stops her.

Rahul tells his mother to leave while everybody asks what happened but he doesn't answer to anyone.

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