Titli 8th August 2023 Written Update

Titli 8th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 8th August 2023 episode starts with Garv and Titli competing with other couples while dancing on the paper.

The anchor tells the contestants to proceed to the next step in which they have to fold the paper and boys have to stand on one leg while carrying their partners in their arms.

However, Garv balances well initially but after some time he somehow loses his balance and falls on the floor with Titli.

Everyone starts laughing at them including Titli while Garv is embarrassed and remains silent. 

Just then, Titli mocks him and says that he dropped her which triggers Garv’s anger as his ego has been hurt and he strikes Titli very rudely in front of everyone.

Titli is in complete shock as she was not expecting this from him instead she expected him to laugh at this situation.

She remains silent with tears welling up in her eyes while Garv yells asking her if his reputation is a joke for her when suddenly he notices the bruise on Titli’s face.

Garv realises that he has messed up while Titli is in despair and walks away from there.

In the meantime, Titli is standing in the garden reminiscing every violent incident which came from Garv’s side and is crying hopelessly and Garv is drinking alcohol and smashing the bottles in the bar.

On the other hand, the inspector tells the man that he knows Garv once threatened to kill him. 

He shows the case paper to the man as he got that paper from Hiral and she got it from Garv’s cabin.

The inspector tries his best to convince the man to stand against Garv in the court as he wants the man to get justice but the man refuses him and leaves the court.

On the honeymoon, Titli is very upset and is rapidly packing her clothes in an unorganized manner when Garv comes and helps her with the luggage’s zip.

However, Titli pushes his hand and tells him that she has packed his luggage when Garv holds her hand to stop her when Titli reminisces the incidents again and walks away.

Further, Garv is driving the car with Titli sitting next to him and they both keep recalling whatever happened.

Meanwhile, Titli gets an audio message from Dhara telling Titli that the pictures are beautiful and that she really admires their love story.

Listening to this makes Titli upset and she switches off her phone.

Elsewhere, the inspector is tearing the pages when Ishani (Inspector’s sister) comes there and tells him that he is waiting this time as Garv is very clever.

However, the inspector tells her that he will not spare him as Garv has ruined Ishani’s life and makes a promise to her that Garv will be behind bars very soon.

On the other hand, Garv stops the car in the middle of the road and asks Titli to come out of the car. 

He starts apologising to Titli and tells her how he felt and how embarrassed he was when everyone was laughing at him.

Garv adds that he loves her so much and he knows that Titli is very angry at him, even though he himself is very angry at him.

Meanwhile, Titli is standing numb with tears in her eyes when Garv tells her that his hand needs to be punished as he has given pain to her.

He starts bashing his hands harshly on the car and Titli still remains to be silent.

However, Garv tells her that he hates tears in her eyes and Titli replies to him that he is the reason behind these tears.

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