Titli 8th June 2023 Written Update

Titli 8th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 8th June 2023 episode starts with Rahul dragging his mother away telling her that they need to leave.

Baa angrily asks Titlie what she told Rahul while Titli innocently replies that she just asked him for time to understand each other.

Ramesh also comes there and starts rebuking Titli for it telling her that she has embarrassed her uncle with this.

Titli tries to explain but Ramesh silences her by asking if she still would have embarrassed them like this if it was her father who would have brought the proposal.

The aunt calms them and calls Bhavik telling him to take Titli to the shop.

They reach home and Jignesh welcomes them while Titli goes to the desk directly and starts working.

Forming a plan, Jignesh and Bhavik start a competition on who can make the bigger crunch while eating Panipuri.

They invite her too and challenge her making Titli's mood fine.

She tells them that she is fine and tells Bhavik to return home.

Jignesh comforts Titli and she calms down while calling Kaki to see if everything is fine at home.

At home, Baa is doing drama saying that she does not want to live here anymore and that Titli's Kaki is there to take care of everything.

Kaki calms her saying that Titli did not refuse to marry but she wants to meet Rahul a few times before agreeing.

Baa rebukes her as reminds her the dramas that happened with Titli's parents as they too had met a lot of time before getting married.

Ramesh calms Baa while Kaki thinks that even she cannot handle anything now.

Back at the store, Titlie decorates the god while Jighesh talks about the demon Putaali.

At the same time, a lady is seen arguing with a fruit seller.

The fruit seller hide in Titlie's shop while Jignesh is away and Titli saves him while the lady demands him to come out.

Titli calms the lady and shows her the Krishna-Kamal flower while telling the fruit seller to escape.

Further, the lady's eye lands on the god's statue and demands to buy it while Titli tells her that it is not for sale.

In return, Titli gives her the Krishna-Kamal for free but the lady throws it on her face and tells her to hope that they do not meet again.

Later, Titli gets a call from Kaki and while talking to her, Baa takes the phone and tells her that she needs to bow her head to Rahul and his mother at the reception today for the blunder she has caused.

At the reception, Titli gets a call and she wears her wings and talks to the person on the call while she bumps into Garv.

He is also on calls and continues talking to the person while Titli rushes away from there.

Garv notices the fallen wing and goes to give it to her while Titli notices the missing wing and requests Bhavik to her look for it.

As Titli is busy, Garv comes there and leaves the wing on the table after writing a note on the tissue paper.

Titli notices her wing with the note and smiles reading the note while Garv leaves.

Later, Titli is decorating the area above the hanging room while Rahul comes there and apologizes to her.

He also gets on the stool and talks to her telling her that he is starting to understand her better.

Just then, the stool wobbles making both of them fall on the hanging moon.

Rahul saves Titli from the log hanging above them and gets injured while the moon slowly reaches the stage.

However, the guests start gossiping about the two making the family angry.

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