Titli 9th July 2023 Written Update

Titli 9th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 9th July 2023 episode starts with the Mehta family finding it difficult to adjust at Titli's house while Chintu serves them water.

Drishti rolls her eyes and orders Chintu to bring in mineral water for her while Jayshree and Hiren look at each other as of they are disturbed.


On the other hand, Hiral storms into Titli's room and mocks her if they will present only cheap flowers to the Mehtas in return for their expensive gifts.

Titlie assures her and states that once she opens her flower shop she will conduct Hiral's marriage with pomp and show according to Hiral's liking.

Hiral gets angry thinking that Titli has already snatched what she likes while Baa shouts at them to stop quarreling.

Later, Titli gets a call from an unknown number while Bharti snatches her phone asking her to enjoy her engagement.

Meanwhile, Chintu offers Drishti Matka water and tricks her into it being mineral water which she drinks satisfyingly.


On the other hand, Garv fixes his eyes on Titli's room when she arrives led by Bharti and Baa.

Garv walks over and offers a rose to Titli complimenting her and flings away Bharti's hand snatching Titli's phone from her saying that only he has sole rights over her.

Drishti and Monica tease Garv that his nature has changed since the day he met Titlie.


Jayshree asks Titli to take the elders blessing while Baa asks her mocking Koyal to first touch Garv's biological mother's feet.

Koyal gets sad and steps back while Titli bows down and places one hand on Maina's feet and the other on Koyal's while they both pat her head and bless her.

Later, the rituals start, and Paresh gifts Garv with a gold coin seeing which Koyal taunts it to be too light to consider leaving Titli's family embarrassed.

Meanwhile, the gold polisher comes in and gives back Koyal's necklace to Paresh.

Koyal thanks him while the goldsmith reveals that the necklace is fake.

Koyal is left stunned and says that Maina herself gifted it to her but catches a glimpse of Maina's guilt-filled eyes and understands the foul play.

Baa mocks Koyal that they at least gifted Garv light gold, not a fake one but Manikant interrupts and scolds Koyal to be a fool saying that they have got Titli another necklace that will leave everyone speechless.

Later, Garv's family offers their gifts to Titli when Alpa taunts them that she wants to see what Titli's family offers cheap things in return.

Paresh calls Chintu and Baa who bring in huge gifts and distribute them to everyone.

Titli suffers a setback seeing it to be the same gift that Garv had bought to help her out.

Manikant tells Maina that he finds it to be fishy how they managed to buy such expensive stuff while Maina asks him to consider how Paresh honored his wishes.

Meanwhile, Garv recalls how he requested Baa, Jayshree, and Chintu to accept the gifts to give out to his family to maintain their respect and also fulfill his family's expectations.

Titli tries to talk to Garv when Chintu drags everyone to click pictures and dance.


Meanwhile, Titli drags Garv from the crowd towards her bedroom and confronts him about why he forcefully insisted on his ideals.

Garv assures her saying that he just tried to ease down things for her family and also handled the expectations that his family would throw on her.

Titli angrily shows him the gifts she got for his family while Garv calms her down saying he is not comparing her gifts with his gifts and assures her saying that her emotions matter.

Garv explains that this is his way of safeguarding Tilti and her family's reputation and fulfilling his promise of handling everything.

Suppressed with Garv's adamancy, Titli stays quiet while Garv emotionally blackmails her asking if she is unwillingly marrying him.

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