Udaariyaan 10th October 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 10th October 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 10th October 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 10th October 2022 episode starts with Nehmat coming to call Naaz so that they can leave for college together in her room.

Naaz spots the photo of her and Ekam on her mobile which was on the bed just behind Nehmat.

Distracting Nehmat from turning around, Naaz acts concerned toward her and reminds her how Ekam used to drop her at the college.

Hearing Naaz’s words, Nehmat gets reminded of her good memories with Ekam and becomes sentimental.

Naaz tells Nehmat that she can talk with her anytime as she shares everything with Mallika.

Nehmat replies that she is just a bit entangled in herself in the current situation but promises to talk with Naaz whenever she needs.

As Nehmat takes a moment to recover emotionally, Naaz closes her phone and leaves the room with her bag.

Meanwhile, Jayveer tells Renuka that he will introduce Ekam to the SSP so that he can marry his daughter.

Samsher talks with his men about Nehmat and Ekam and gets to know that they are meeting each other without Jayveer’s knowledge.

Samsher commands his men to teach both Nehmat and Ekam a lesson so they stop their love story then and there.

Later, Ekam and Nehmat meet at their usual spot and reminisce about their past memories before things go haywire.

Nehmat tells Ekam about her fear of getting discovered and asks him how much longer they have to meet in secret.

Ekam hugs Nehmat and assures her that everything will get better with time but they cannot give up on their love under any circumstance.

Nehmat remembers Rupy’s warning about stopping seeing Ekam and cries in silence.

Ekam begins to tease Nehmat about Mallika’s obsession with Advait and Nehmat chases Ekam while sulking.

Both touch their foreheads while leaning on each other and begin to shed tears as they are tired of facing so many hurdles in their love story.

Jayveer calls Ekam and asks him to come home as he wants him to meet the SSP after which Ekam leaves while Nehmat tells him that she will go by herself.

Suddenly, some goons start following Nehmat which makes her scared, and she runs away to save herself.

After the goons surround Nehmat and ask her to end things with Ekam, she looks for an opportunity and succeeds in escaping from them.

While hiding at a construction site, Nehmat constantly calls Ekam while he gets busy talking with the SSP.

Jayveer and Renuka hide Ekam’s mobile after seeing Nehmat calling him continuously.

One of the goons spots Nehmat while she tries to call Ekam and fires the gun in her direction.

Meanwhile, Ekam opens his phone and notices several missed calls from Nehmat which makes him worried.

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