Udaariyaan 11th August 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 11th August 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 11th August 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 11th August 2022 episode starts with Jasmine making an excuse of changing her doctor while Gurpreet supports her in her decision.

In Jasmine's room, Jasmine locks her door and is just about to remove her fake bump when Tejo knocks on her door.

Jasmine opens the door while Tejo enters the room and starts to confront Jasmine about keeping her room locked all day.

Meanwhile, Jasmine makes an excuse for needing privacy.

Tejo interrupts her and starts to accuse Jasmine of planning something evil.

Jasmine changes the topic and starts to blame Tejo for accusing her without any reason.

Meanwhile, Tejo recalls the fire incident and tells how she trusted Jasmine.

However, Jasmine accuses Tejo of still forgetting things like before.

Jasmine plays the pregnant victim card and accuses Tejo of being jealous of Jasmine experiencing motherhood.

Tejo's heart breaks at Jasmine’s words.

Jasmine requests Tejo to get out of her life and leave her alone until she delivers the child.

Tejo runs out of the room crying and remembering Jasmine's words.

At the same time, Candy asks Tejo for his ball while Tejo gets doubtful of herself forgetting things.

On the other hand, Amanpreet is scheming something and smiling creepily thinking about making the Virk family’s life hell.

Meanwhile, Candy and the whole family get an invitation to his best friend's party while Simran refuses as she couldn’t take the risk.

Candy starts to throw a tantrum to go to his best friend's Daljeet party.

Simran agrees while Tejo assures Simran that Amanpreet will not be able to do anything because Fateh and Buzzo are going with them.

Later on, Tejo and Simran get Candy ready for the party.

In the party venue, the party theme is magic while Simran, Buzzo and Candy wishes Daljeet and his mother.

Meanwhile, Tejo and Fateh are standing outside keeping a watch for Amanpreet.

The cake-cutting ceremony starts while Amanpreet reaches the venue in the disguise of Joker.

Amanpreet passes by Fateh and Tejo while they do not spare a suspicious glance towards him.

Amanpreet makes his entry as a Joker on the stage and starts to entertain the children.

Unaware Simran enjoys his presence while Amanpreet creepily smiles and thinks he’s going to kidnap Candy under the nose of everyone.

Meanwhile, Tejo feels something is wrong.

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