Udaariyaan 13th August 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 13th August 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 13th August 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 13th August 2022 episode starts with Fateh revealing the whole story of how Jasmine threatened the Virk family of miscarriage to marry Fateh and putting the warehouse on fire with Tejo in it.

Hearing the truth, Tejo starts to cry her heart out while Fateh consoles her.

Tejo is not able to believe the fact that her sister tried to kill her.

Recalling her precious moments spent with Jasmine, Tejo's heart breaks into tatters.

Tejo asks Fateh what has she done to Jasmine.

Fateh consoles Tejo saying that he hates Jasmine with all his might.

Tejo blames herself for taking Jasmine back to the Virk family.

Determined Tejo decides to take revenge on Jasmine while not doing any harm to the baby and the family.

Fateh supports Tejo’s decision affectionately.

The next morning, Tejo is praying to Mata Rani while Beeji offers sweet curd to Tejo for her success in her plan.

On the other hand, Amanpreet is creepily talking to a waitress while Fateh joins Amanpreet for a chat.

Hearing Amanpreet’s perverted words about Tejo, Fateh’s blood boil but he controls his temper with great difficulty.

Amanpreet tries to instigate Fateh but he doesn’t budge as he has promised Tejo.

Meanwhile, Tejo goes to Jasmine’s room furiously and locks the door.

Jasmine gets shocked at Tejo’s behaviour while Tejo lights a matchstick and goes to Jasmine and picks up her end of the dupatta.

Scared Jasmine tries to stop Tejo while Tejo confronts Jasmine for trying to burn Tejo in the warehouse.

Tejo throws the lit matchstick aside as she only wants to make Jasmine scared.

Meanwhile, Jasmine starts to laugh like a maniac and releases a sigh of relief with Tejo knowing the truth.

Tejo accuses Jasmine of still loving Fateh while Jasmine tells her how she wanted to marry Fateh to get entry into the Virk family.

Jasmine announces that the Virk family loves the child in her womb while insulting Tejo for never being able to get pregnant.

Meanwhile, Tejo announces that she is going to take away Jasmine's child as she doesn’t deserve the child.

Tejo threatens Jasmine to not do any evil scheme against the Virk family or she will face the consequences.

Jasmine gets scared seeing the new avatar of Tejo.

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