Udaariyaan 16th March 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 16th March 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 16th March 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update, Episode 233

Today's Udaariyaan 16th March 2022 episode starts with Fateh arriving at Tejo's house to gift her birthday gift.

At the same time, Angad presents a chain as a gift to her.

Seeing Angad's costlier and prettier gift, Fateh wonders whether Tejo will like his gift or not.

So, Fateh keeps the gift on the doorstep and leaves.

However, Tejo hears some noise and witnesses Fateh keeping something near the door.

Overjoyed to see Fateh, Tejo runs towards him but he sits on his bike and drives away.

On the other hand, Amrik still has the guilt of killing a man but Gurpreet tells him that he has to accept it as an accident and move on.

Later, Tejo returns to the Virk house with Jasmine.

Seeing Fateh burning in jealousy, Tejo smiles because she knows that love comes with jealousy.

Further, as Tejo has to return back, she mentions booking a cab.

Mahi says that Fateh is forever booked for her and asks Fateh to drop Tejo home.

On the way, Tejo tells Fateh that she didn't accept Angad's gift because she wanted to take the gift only from the person she loves.

In the meantime, as Jasmine finds difficulty in getting on the bed, Amrik picks her up in his arms and romantically puts her on the bed.

Jasmine wonders whether she should tell Amrik the truth about Dara being alive or not.

On the other hand, Tejo opens the gift given by Fateh and expresses her happiness seeing the gift.

While Tejo and Fateh spend a beautiful and sensuous moment together, Ruppi makes up his mind to separate them.

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