Udaariyaan 17th October 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 17th October 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 17th October 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 17th October 2022 episode starts with Nehmat praying at the gurudwara when Ekam comes there with a disguised look.

After Nehmat realizes that the man behind her is Ekam, she asks Ekam why he is there and expresses her worry about being seen together.

Ekam assures Nehmat that no one can recognize him in that look and he has come to meet his “raab and nehmat” at the same time.

After Nehmat and Ekam come out of the Gurudwara, Nehmat gives Ekam the prasad she presented to the god.

Ekam gives Nehmat a box in which there are earrings that his grandmother gave him before her death and asked him to give them to the girl he will marry.

Nehmat gets surprised on seeing such expensive jewelry and feels grateful to Ekam for entrusting her with them.

Ekam asks Nehmat to come to his inauguration program wearing those earrings as seeing her will complete Ekam’s happiness.

As Ekam requests Nehmat to come to the event somehow, Nehmat agrees to be there still unsure if Rupy will allow her to go.

Meanwhile, Naaz deletes the video from Nehmat’s phone and overhears the conversation between Ekam and Nehmat.

Naaz is determined to destroy Nehmat and Ekam’s love story and make the fake breakup into a real one.

Later, Naaz tries to call Varun to tell him that she has deleted the video from Nehmat’s phone but he does not pick up.

Shelley shows a model competition pamphlet to Naaz which reminds her that Varun likes girls who are models.

Naaz calls the association to register and discovers that she has to deposit 40,000 rupees along with a portfolio.

Thinking of how she could get such a huge sum, Naaz opens the locker and steals the earrings Ekam gave Nehmat.

Just then, Nehmat comes there but Naaz manages to hide the earrings before that.

The next day, Ekam secretly gives Nehmat a letter asking her to be at the event on time which pushes Nehmat into a dilemma.

Shamsher commands Advait to attend the police event and monitor Ekam's actions.

On the other hand, Naaz shows her portfolio to Varun who laughs off the whole matter and leaves with his new girlfriend.

A flashback shows how Naaz took a loan from a shop after giving away the earrings of Ekam’s grandmother.

Naaz fumes in anger and says that she wants to see Nehmat getting her heart broken in the same way she is facing it.

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