Udaariyaan 18th November 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 18th November 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 18th November 2021 Written Update: Udaariyaan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 18 November 2021 episode starts with Tejo coming to meet Angad at the farm.

Tejo gets shocked seeing Angad badly hurt. Tejo asks Angad who did this to him. Angad tries to hide his fight with Fateh from Tejo.

Tejo asks Rajat who came there before her and comes to know that Fateh was there and had a fight with Angad.

In anger, Tejo goes to meet Fateh and asks him who gave him the right to beat her fiance.

Fateh says that Angad doesn't have any right to make her cry.

Further, Tejo requests Fateh to be with Jasmine and stay away from her and her fiance, Angad.

After Tejo leaves, Fateh realizes that Jasmine is the one who hurt Tejo, not Angad.

Fateh goes home and scolds Jasmine a lot and asks Jasmine to stop creating drama in his house. Fateh also warns Jasmine from hurting Tejo.

The next day, Angad comes to Tejo's house with gifts for her family. Tejo scolds him for overacting as this may get them caught.

Angad tells her he is doing all this because the drama of fake marriage has given him an opportunity to be in a family.

Angad tells Tejo that he does not have any family as his parents died when he was very young.

On the other hand, Jasmine comes to Fateh with an innocent face and asks him whether he really wishes to marry her.

Fateh answers rudely because of which Jasmine suspects he still feels something for Tejo.

End of today's (18th November 2021) Udaariaan written episode.

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