Udaariyaan 18th October 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 18th October 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 18th October 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 18th October 2022 episode starts with Nehmat pleading with Rupi to give her permission for Ekam’s police inauguration function.

Sati tries to persuade Rupi to trust Nehmat and Naaz also assures him about Nehmat’s trustworthy nature.

Rupi agrees and Naaz smirks as she wants to see Ekam’s reaction when Nehmat does not wear his gifted earrings. 

On the other hand, Nehmat finds the earrings missing and searches the cupboard thoroughly.

Panicked Nehmat is not able to find the earrings while Naaz sees her turmoil with happiness from the window.

Naaz enters Nehmat’s room and pretends to act innocent and asks her what happened.

Nehmat tells her about the earrings and Naaz tells her to get ready as they will stand away from Ekam so he will not know about the earrings.  

At the police inauguration function, Renuka and Malika congratulate Ekam while his eyes are searching for Nehmat.

At the same time, Sandhu's family reaches the function and Naaz gets happy seeing Ekam’s disappointed expression as Nehmat did not come with them.

Meanwhile, Advait reaches the function and Malika gets excited seeing him.

Advait asks Malika about Nehmat and she informs him that she will not come.

Meanwhile, Naaz watches Advait and Ekam’s interaction curiously.

Later, Nehmat reaches the function wearing fake earrings and Ekam gets happy seeing her with the earrings.

Meanwhile, Advait sees Nehmat and greets her while Naaz sees them talking and calls for Nehmat.

Naaz gets shocked seeing the earrings and asks Nehmat about them.

After some time, Ekam officially becomes an ASP and Nehmat watches his childhood dream getting true with dewy eyes.

Afterwards, Nehmat leaves as she promised Rupi to not meet Ekam.

Outside the venue, Nehmat and Ekam meet hidden behind a banner and he holds her hand.

She tries to go but Ekam does not leave her hand and pulls her into his arms.

He plays with her earring but it falls on the floor and breaks.

Ekam picks up the artificial earrings and asks Nehmat about his grandmother's earrings.

Meanwhile, Naaz sees them while Nehmat apologises to Ekam for losing his grandmother's earrings.

Ekam accuses Nehmat of betraying him by wearing fake earrings and tells her she has broken his trust and heart.

He tries to walk away but Nehmat holds his hands and begs him to listen to her explanation.

However, Ekam breaks free of her grip and walks away leaving Nehmat crying.

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