Udaariyaan 19th October 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 19th October 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 19th October 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 19th October 2022 episode starts with Malika seeing Nehmat running out crying while Advait was talking to her.

Advait suspicion confirms that Ekam and Nehmat are still together.

Meanwhile, Malika consoles Nehmat while Ekam thinks that he overreacted to Nehmat's actions.

At the same time, Ekam crashes into Advait and he introduces himself as “Advait Kapoor” while Ekam recognises him as Shamsher Kapoor’s son.

He tells Advait that he needs to keep an eye on everyone as you never know who you need to arrest.

Later, Naaz offers her handkerchief to Advait and sees his seductive eyes.

At Sandhu's house, Malika and Nehmat are searching the whole room for the earrings while Malika checks Naaz’s purse.

Nehmat stops her from checking Naaz’s purse but some photos fall on the ground.

Malika picks up the picture and sees Nehmat's professional photoshoot picture and finds the receipt for 40,000 Rs.

She accuses Naaz of stealing the earrings but Nehmat refuses to believe her.

In the function, Ekam searches for Nehmat while Naaz thinks she will not let them patch up so easily.

Naaz goes back home and sees Nehmat and Malika sitting gloomily.

Furious Malika slams the pictures on Naaz’s face and Nehmat stops her.

Nehmat asks Naaz about the earrings while Malika accuses her of stealing the earring for arranging the money for a modelling contest.

Naaz accepts all the crimes and tells Nehmat that she wanted to take revenge on her.

She accuses Nehmat of stealing her happiness and Varun.

She curses Nehmat to experience the same fate she did with Varun.

However, Nehmat tells Naaz about Varun’s manipulative behaviour but Naaz joins her hand and begs her to leave her alone.

When Naaz walks away Malika follows her and scolds her while holding her hand tightly.

Furious Naaz splashes a glass of water on Malika and she slaps Naaz on her face.

Both start to fight while Nehmat runs to separate them.

Naaz names Varun’s toxic behaviour as possessiveness while Malika compares her to Jasmine.

Malika calls Jasmine characterless like Naaz and she slaps Malika.

At the same time, Naaz tells Malika that Nehmat is also Jasmine’s daughter and can show her real colours by snatching her loved one.

Nehmat slaps Naaz tightly and tells her to shut up but Naaz accuses Ekam of leaving her after one mistake.

Naaz tells Malika that Advait is a pervert as he was watching Nehmat during the whole function.

However, Malika and Nehmat glare at Naaz while she challenges them and says that she will prove that their men are not trustworthy.

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