Udaariyaan 19th September 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 19th September 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 19th September 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 19th September 2022 episode starts with everyone dancing and enjoying the reception.

At the same time, Ekam’s father gets threatened by goons and he decides to take his family home.

Meanwhile, Naaz imagines Jasmine dancing with everyone and misses her immensely.

Outside the venue, the goons accidentally cut Fatejo’s car brakes instead of Ekam’s father's car.

Inside the Venue, Fateh and Tejo dance romantically on the stage to the song “Pyaar Hua”.

Later on, Fatejo thanks Nehmat and confesses their love to her while Naaz records the scene.

Nehmat hugs everyone and everyone laughs at her actions.

When Nehmat is walking away Tejo’s bangles get tangled with Nehmat’s dupatta.

After releasing the dupatta, Tejo hugs Nehmat and Naaz and they kiss her cheek.

Later on, Naaz and Nehmat reach home and prepare for Virk's family's return.

In the car, Khushbeer announces that the car brake is not working and everyone panics.

At the same time, a truck comes in front and Fateh advises Khushbeer to crash the car in a tree but the car loses control and turns upside down.

After some time, the Virk family's dead bodies lay in the puddle of their own blood but Fateh and Tejo crawl towards each other and hold their bloodied hands together.

Crying Tejo holds Fateh’s face and recalls his words about taking their last breath together.

Meanwhile, Fateh gives a last kiss on Tejo’s forehead and their life flashes in front of them and their soul leaves their body.

On the other hand, Rupi’s phone falls on the land and Sati falls to the ground with a plate full of roses making a loud sound.

Nehmat realises that her parents are no more and screams for them and falls to the floor.

Meanwhile, Nehmat sits in front of crying Naaz and promises to her to always remain with each other and hug each other.

16 years pass away in a blink, Ekam is running behind Nehmat in the lush green fields of Moga.

Nehmat runs to a group of ladies and dances with them and runs again in the fields.

Ekam follows Nehmat like a lost puppy and screams at her to stop and holds her hand and lifts her.

Nehmat and Ekam fall to the ground and Nehmat's head lays on his chest.

Meanwhile, Nehmat’s hair covers her face and Ekam slides her hair aside delicately to see her beautiful face.

Afterwards, Nehmat runs with Ekam’s car keys and reaches the car and teases him for getting bored of her.

However, Ekam holds Nehmat from her waist and she plans their new beginning of life after he has done his police training.

Later, Ekam and Nehmat talk about Ekam’s father not agreeing to their relationship and his police training.

On the other hand, Ekam’s father is crying recalling the conversation with the goons and decides to save his children by hiding the truth.

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