Udaariyaan 1st January 2022 Written Update: Angad's possessive side

Udaariyaan 1st January 2022 Written Update: Angad's possessive side

Udaariyaan 1st January 2022 Written Update: Udaariyaan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 1 January 2022 episode starts with Fateh realizing that Tejo has never moved on from him and Angad is just her fake fiance.

Tejo explains to Angad that she can never love anyone other than Fateh. She takes off the engagement ring, gives it to Angad, and walks away.

After returning home, Angad sees Tejo leaving the house and slaps Tejo while trying to stop her.

Angad forcefully hugs Tejo and explains to her that he is the one who can take care of her and not Fateh.

Later, Angad goes to Mr. Sharma's house and tells him that he just wants Tejo to be happy.

Angad says that he is the only person who can keep Tejo happy and for that, she has to stay away from Fateh.

Jasmine overhears Angad and Mr. Sharma's conversation and decides to use this against Tejo and Fateh.

Later, Tejo goes into her room where she gets shocked to see Jasmine.

Jasmine tells Tejo that before she returns to Canada with Fateh, they can go on a double date and send a picture of all four of them to their families for the sake of their happiness.

Tejo refuses Jasmine's idea and asks her to leave. Jasmine says that she knows Tejo still has feelings for Fateh.

Further, Tejo grabs Jasmine's wrist and drags her out of the room.

When Tejo moves Jasmine out, they see Fateh standing there.

Jasmine holds his hand and tries to act as his wife again. Fateh pushes her away and asks to stop her drama.

Fateh tells Tejo that they are not married.

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