Udaariyaan 1st September 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 1st September 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 1st September 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 1st September 2022 episode starts with Ekam instigating Malika against Nehmat and Naaz’s friendship.

Furious Malika takes Nehmat aside but Nehmat assures Malika about her best friend position.

In the Virk family, Tejo tells the family about telling Nehmat about her adoption.

However, the Virk family doesn’t agree and leaves furiously.

At the same time, Naaz calls Tejo in a shivering voice and asks for Nehmat.

Meanwhile, Nehmat is fighting with Ekam so Malika takes him away.

Later on, Nehmat talks with stubborn Naaz who requests her to visit her home.

Meanwhile, Tejo agrees and takes Nehmat to Naaz’s house.

Later, Jasmine sees Tejo and Nehmat from her room’s window.

Jasmine gets scared while Tejo knocks on the door.

Meanwhile, Naaz opens the door and meets Tejo and Nehmat happily.

Tejo makes Naaz understand about not being stubborn about museum trip.

Naaz understands and requests Nehmat to be her best friend.

Nehmat agrees while Tejo recalls her and Jasmine's precious moments.

Tejo's eyes fill with tears and go inside to meet Naaz’s mother.

Meanwhile, Jasmine locks herself in the bathroom panickly and Tejo kisses Naaz's temple, feeling a connection with her.

Naaz sees Jasmine's photos missing while Tejo and Nehmat glue the torn pieces of Naaz’s friendship card.

Meanwhile, a scared Jasmine calls Rupi and requests him to come before Tejo sees her.

Scared Rupi calls Tejo and lies about having chest pain while worried Tejo leaves with Nehmat hurriedly.

Meanwhile, Jasmine breathes a sigh of relief and breaks down in the bathroom.

In Sandhu’s house, Tejo scolds Rupi for not taking care of himself.

Meanwhile, Tejo tells Rupi about Naaz reminding her of Jasmine.

Tejo praises Naaz’s mother while Rupi insults the lady for having ulterior motives.

However, Tejo defends Naaz's mother while Rupi thinks of kicking out Jasmine from Moga. 

At night, Jasmine scolds Naaz for not informing her about Nehmat’s visit.

On the other hand, Tejo tells Nehmat to never take a shortcut in life as the moral of the story.

Meanwhile, Jasmine is regretting taking a shortcut to reach Canada 6 years ago.

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