Udaariyaan 21st April 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 21st April 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 21st April 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 21st April 2022 episode starts with Angad letting Tejo go to meet Fateh, the father of her unborn child.

At the same time, Jasmine spots Tejo and asks her the reason for sneaking out after lying to everyone.

Tejo asks Jasmine to arrange her meeting with Fateh.

Hearing this, Jasmine immediately calls Fateh from Tejo's mobile and asks him to meet Tejo in a godown.

Jasmine asks Tejo to take her auto.

Before letting her go, Jasmine hugs Tejo tightly while Tejo recalls all the recent events of her life.

On the other hand, the doctor calls Ruppi and mentions Tejo's pregnancy however, the call disconnects, and Ruppi stays unaware of the truth.

Meanwhile, a man with his face covered arrives at the godown where Jasmine has asked Fateh to come and meet Tejo.

Later, Khushbeer and others find out that Fateh is on his way to meet Tejo. They worry that Fateh does not mess up Tejo's wedding in the wrong way.

Further, Tejo finds Jasmine's mobile in the auto and keeps it with her.

After some time, Tejo reaches the godown before which the mysterious man pours petrol all over the place.

While Tejo unlocks Jasmine's mobile, she reads Fateh's message stating that he will reunite with Jasmine after Tejo's marriage.

However, Tejo is unaware that Amrik sent those messages to Jasmine after he unknowingly exchanged his mobile with Fateh.

To find answers to her questions, Tejo starts calling out for Fateh.

In the meantime, Ruppi tells Sati that his instincts are making him restless.

On the other hand, Tejo smells something and soon realizes that she is surrounded by petrol.

Meanwhile, Fateh's car breaks down and he is compelled to run his way to the godown.

At the godown, Tejo attempts to escape however, she finds out that the gate is locked.

The mysterious man is revealed to be none other than Angad Maan who is thinking that Tejo cannot be with anyone else other than him.

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