Udaariyaan 21st January 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 21st January 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 21st January 2022 Written Update: Udaariyaan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 21 January 2022 episode starts with Fateh doubting that the accident and the police are all a setup by Jasmine.

Later, Fateh comes to meet Tejo and says that he is trying to stay strong for his family but he is worried about what has to be done.

Tejo tells Fateh that he has made the right decision to check about the accident from the police station.

Further, Fateh thanks Tejo for being there to support him.

The next morning, the Virk family prays to Goddess for the safety of Amrik.

Meanwhile, Tejo goes to Gurudwara to pray to God for help so as to save Amrik.

When Fateh and Khushbeer leave for the police station, Amrik overhears them.

Amrik starts shivering in fear again and requests them not to go to the police station.

Even though Amrik continuously requests Fateh to not go to the police station, Fateh and Khushbeer sit in their car and leave.

On the other hand, Tejo goes to Jasmine's place. Jasmine tells Tejo to believe that she and Fateh can never be together.

Jasmine also says that she is not marrying Fateh for love instead she is doing this to take revenge on her and the Virk family.

Further, Tejo asks Jasmine to leave Amrik alone and in return promises to stay away from Fateh and his family.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet gets worried because they couldn't find Amrik anywhere in the house. She calls Fateh and informs her about Amrik being missing.

At the same time, Mahi finds a suicide letter written by Amrik. Fateh informs Tejo about this.

Tejo, Fateh, and Khushbeer return to the Virk house and start searching for Amrik.

When Tejo goes to Amrik's room, she sees Amrik in the bathtub covered with blood as he had slit his wrist.

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