Udaariyaan 21st July 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 21st July 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 21st July 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 21st July 2022 episode starts with the doctor informing Satti and Rupy that Tejo has regained her memories but has forgotten everything that happened after her accident till the present.

They rush outside to see the police taking away Fateh who states that Tejo has herself given a statement that Fateh was the one who had lit the fire.

However, Rupy and Satti assure Fateh that they will talk to Tejo and get him out of jail.

Elsewhere, the Virk family learns of Tejo regaining her memories and getting Fateh arrested.

At the hospital, Satti and Rupy try to talk to Tejo and tell her how much Fateh did for her in the past few months and even went against the Virk family.

Meanwhile, Fateh is in jail recalling his memories of Tejo and convincing himself that she will soon remember everything.

Tejo tells her parents that she is sure she isn't misunderstanding anything and accuses Fateh and Jasmine of killing the baby that was in her womb.

Tejo reveals that she was pregnant while the Virk family also arrive at the same time and get shocked to hear about Tejo's pregnancy.

Gurpreet rushes to Tejo and hugs her while Tejo falls unconscious.

Back at the Sandhu house, Jasmine learns that Tejo has regained her memories and gets anxious about her being exposed.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Satti cries saying she feels upset about how much Tejo had to go through and she even lost her baby.

Elsewhere, Khushbeer also gets Fateh out of jail.

Just as Jasmine is about to leave for the hospital, she gets a call from Rupy and learns that Tejo thinks she and Fateh tried to kill her nine months back and doesn't remember anything else.

Acting as being shocked, Jasmine cries and tells Lovely to go to the hospital and tell her whatever happens.

Meanwhile, Fateh arrives at the hospital and gets questioned on whether he knew about Tejo's pregnancy or not.

Getting emotional, Fateh states his reasoning for hiding the truth from the family while he suspects Jasmine as the culprit behind the incident.

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