Udaariyaan 21st September 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 21st September 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 21st September 2021 Written Update: Udaariyaan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 21 September 2021 episode starts with Buzo trying to explain to Fateh that there is nothing between him and Tejo. Fateh pushes him away and asks him to get out of the house.

Further, Fateh questions Tejo about how long will she hide the truth of the relation between Tejo and Buzo. Everyone asks what's happening and why is Fateh shouting at Tejo. Fateh asks Tejo to tell the truth.

Suddenly a girl's voice is heard who tells that she will reveal the truth. Everyone looks towards the door and is shocked to see Simran there. Gurpreet and others are happy to see her but Khushbeer asks why has she come to his house.

Simran tells them that she came back from Canada 3 years back. She couldn't come back home as she had a child without marriage. She also tells that Buzo helped her and she married him as they fell in love. Fateh gets angry at Buzo and Tejo for hiding that they knew Simran was back from Canada.

Khushbeer tells Simran and Buzo to get out of the house.

Later, Khushbeer tells Tejo that he is hurt as she hid the truth from him. Jasmine tries to take advantage of the situation and starts taunting Tejo in front of everyone. Fateh shouts at her and takes her to the room and tells her that Fateh is at mistake and Tejo should not be told anything.

End of today's (21st September 2021) Udaariaan written episode.

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