Udaariyaan 22nd September 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 22nd September 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 22nd September 2022 episode starts with Ekam teaching Nehmat dance and holding her in his arms romantically.

In the fields, Ekam and Nehmat spend the evening romancing and teasing each other.

On the other hand, Naaz butters up Renuka (Ekam’s Mother) and innocently informs her about not being invited to Ronit’s party.

Feeling bad for Naaz, Ekam’s mother uses her connections and gets her invited to the party.

The next morning, Malika and Nehmat get ready for the party excitedly and Naaz breaks Malika’s new heels when the room is empty.

Just then, Malika comes out after changing and wears her heels excitedly but stumbles on her feet.

Both Malika and Nehmat get shocked and furious Malika refuses to go.

At the same time, ecstatic Naaz surprises Nehmat and Malika with the news of going to Ronit’s party.

Later, Naaz reaches the party while Ekam waits for Nehmat at the entrance.

Naaz informs Ekam about Malika’s heel incident and invites him to go with her.

Concocting a plan, Naaz instigates Ekam against Nehmat but he adamantly waits for his girlfriend.

At the same time, Nehmat walks in looking beautiful and he runs to her side and kisses her forehead.

Ekam and Nehmat go inside while Naaz burns in jealousy.

Inside the party, Priya (Naaz’s Friend) shows Naaz a man named Varun and informs her about his affluent background.

Afterward, Malika and Naaz take Ekam and Nehmat’s jealousy test and challenge them to flirt with people, and the person who has the maximum phone number wins.

Meanwhile, Ekam declares that the winner gets to ask anything from the loser.

Hearing about the prize, the couple runs in opposite directions to win the challenge.

On the other hand, Renuka informs Ekam's father about Ekam and Nehmat’s relationship and talks about Rupi raising Nehmat with love after Fatejo’s accident.

After taking on the challenge, Nehmat and Ekam have an equal number of phone numbers, resulting in a tie.

Nehmat confesses her love to Ekam and tells everyone she trusts Ekam with her life.

At the same time, Naaz curiously asks Nehmat who proposed first and Nehmat gets lost in their childhood memories.

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