Udaariyaan 23rd September 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 23rd September 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 23rd September 2022 episode starts with Ekam and Nehmat telling everyone about their football match after he came back from boarding school.

After losing the football match, Ekam exclaims he fell in love with Nehmat and narrates how their enmity changed to love and Naaz listens to their story with dreamy eyes.

Later, Ekam and Nehmat dance like a couple out of a movie to the song “Dhoom Machale”.

On the other hand, Jay (Ekam’s Father) falls to the ground recalling Fatejo’s accident and Renuka screams his name while shaking his body.

Panicked Renuka calls Ekam but he does not pick up the call as he is busy dancing.

Renuka takes Jay to the hospital and calls Ekam and Malika continuously but they do not pick up.

At the party, a drunk stranger accuses Ekam of joining the police force to take bribes like his father.

However, Ekam informs him that he is joining the police force to remove the stain of suspension on his father.

At the same time, Naaz approaches Varun and he flirts with her and offers an alcoholic drink.

Innocent Naaz drinks it and gets intoxicated and lays her head on Varun’s shoulder.

Meanwhile, Renuka confronts Ekam for not picking up his phone and gets disappointed when she finds his phone in Nehmat’s purse.

Furious Renuka informs Malika, Nehmat and Ekam about Jay almost getting a heart attack and takes Ekam and Malika home.

Just then, Nehmat sees Naaz intoxicated and slaps Varun for giving her sister an alcoholic drink and takes Naaz home.

The next morning, Shelly wakes up Naaz and informs her about Malika’s getting a proposal from a wealthy household.

Hearing Shelly’s words, Naaz gets jealous and tells Shelly that she wants a wealthy husband who will fulfil all her needs.

At the same time, Malika informs her family she wants a loving husband who will treat her like a queen.

In the evening, Naaz reaches Ekam’s house to see Gautam (Malika’s potential groom) and tries to impress him but Nehmat reaches with Malika and distracts him.

Renuka introduces Nehmat as Malika’s childhood friend while Gautam watches Nehmat with lustful eyes.

After some time, Malika's and Gautam's parents go out of the room and Malika and Nehmat are talking to Gautam while Naaz is eavesdropping on their conversation.

However, seeing Malika disinterested Nehmat makes a long conversation with Gautam and Naaz gets happy seeing them because she knows what's about to happen.

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