Udaariyaan 24th May 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 24th May 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 24th May 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 24th May 2022 episode starts with everyone being delighted to receive gifts from Tejo without knowing that Fateh has brought them for them.

Meanwhile, Fateh goes to meet Jasmine in the garden.

However, before Jasmine tells about her pregnancy to him, Fateh holds Jasmine's hand and brings her inside the Virk house.

At the same time, Tanya mentions Jasmine but Gurpreet asks her to avoid taking her name.

Gurpreet again blames Jasmine for Amrik's death which is overheard by Jasmine and Fateh.

Fateh leaves Jasmine's hand when Gurpreet says that Jasmine is free in her life but she should not return to the Virk house again.

The next day, Fateh spots Tanya exercising. Tanya asks Fateh to find a reason to avoid going to college as she cannot teach.

Tanya also mentions Jasmine's weird behavior after returning from London.

Meanwhile, Jasmine decides to tell her parents about her pregnancy but their over-caring nature for Tejo who in reality, is Tanya makes her feel jealous and she drops the idea of sharing the news.

After returning to her room, Jasmine cries her eyes out but she is devastated to see that no one cares about her presence and everybody is after Tejo's lookalike, Tanya.

The feeling of being left out worries Jasmine. She thinks if she is ignored then how will her child be treated.

When Jasmine goes to meet Sweety, Fateh is called there by Sweety to console Jasmine who is unstable.

Jasmine tells Fateh that she should have not returned from London and it does not matter to anyone.

While talking, Fateh promises Jasmine to take her care and also gives a word to give her a rightful place in the Virk house.

The flashes of the time when Fateh took care of her and was close to her run through Jasmine's mind as she hugs Fateh.

Further, Jasmine makes up her mind to get her place in Fateh's heart eventually giving her child a place in the Virk house.

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