Udaariyaan 26th August 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 26th August 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 26th August 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 26th August 2022 episode starts with Nehmat hearing Tejo’s laugh and hiding Malika under the bed panicky.

Meanwhile, Tejo and Fateh enter Nehmat’s room and see her acting asleep.

Fateh sits on the bed and wishes Nehmat a happy birthday while she springs up from the bed excitedly.

Meanwhile, Fateh gives new boxing gloves as a gift to Nehmat and Tejo glares at him for spoiling her.

Tejo and Fateh leave the room and Malika comes out of bed and goes home.

The next morning, Nehmat goes to her room after coming back from school.

Seeing Nehmat hiding her hands, Tejo follows her to the room and finds out Nehmat fought with a boy in school and treats her wounds carefully.

Fateh calls Nehmat and gives her a superman dress while Tejo offers a princess dress.

Nehmat takes both the dresses and goes from there.

Meanwhile, Fateh shows Tejo a book and tells her they are going to tell Nehmat the truth someday with the help of the book.

Furious Tejo says she doesn’t want to tell Nehmat that his biological father is a murderer and is in jail.

Fateh assures Tejo they will take things slow and Tejo agrees apprehensively.

Afterwards, the birthday celebration starts with Tejo entering the hall with Nehmat in a superman costume with a princess tiara.

Everyone gathers around to give her blessings on her special day.

Later on, Tejo sees Nehmat stealing a box from someone’s purse and confronts her.

Nehmat starts to cry saying she didn’t steal anything.

At the same time, Gurpreet comes and takes the box from Nehmat thanking her as she found the box Gurpreet asked her for.

Tejo starts to cry realising her mistake and apologises to Nehmat profusely.

Meanwhile, Fateh comes and sends Nehmat to enjoy her party and assures Tejo of Harvinder (Nehmat’s Biological Father) never coming close to Nehmat.

Afterwards, Tejo and Nehmat dance a cute dance to children's songs.

Rupi continuously gets a call from an unknown number but he ignores the call and enjoys Tejo and Nehmat’s dance performance.

Meanwhile, Rupi picks up a call and finds out the caller is an NGO owner who saves girls from Canada and gets informed about Jasmine and her daughter sitting in her office.

Meanwhile, Tejo and Rupi hear Nehmat wishing for a sister as her birthday wish.

Rupi goes to the NGO and gets shocked to see Jasmine in a dishevelled state.

Meanwhile, Fateh asks Tejo if she misses Jasmine but she expresses her happiness with Jasmine gone from her life.

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