Udaariyaan 31st August 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 31st August 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 31st August 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 31st August 2022 episode starts with Fateh pacifying Nehmat to go to school on a video call.

On the other hand, Rupi threatens Jasmine to not send Naaz to Nehmat’s school unless she doesn't want to live in Moga.

However, Jasmine decides to enrol Naaz in the school and apologises to Rupi in mind.

Meanwhile, Naaz enters her class scaredly and Nehmat recognizes her.

Naaz sits with Nehmat while Malika burns in jealousy.

Seeing Nehmat sharing her extra set of colours with Naaz Malika glares at her.

In Jasmine's home, Jasmine finds out Naaz is in Nehmat’s class and gets happy.

In Virk House, Nehmat tells about Naaz and Malika being jealous of her.

Tejo suggests that Nehmat make a friendship card for Malika.

Meanwhile, Jasmine informs Naaz to not tell anyone about Yash in school.

Later on, Shelly sees Jasmine in the market and starts to call her name.

Scared Jasmine puts a dupatta on her mouth and lies to Shelly and leaves hurriedly.

Afterwards, Shelly confirms Jasmine’s identity from the photo album.

Meanwhile, the Sandhu family tries to hide Jasmine’s past actions from Shelly. 

Rupi gets afraid of Tejo meeting Jasmine like Shelly met her.

Naaz gives a thank you card to Nehmat but Malika insults Naaz and tears her card.

Nehmat screams at Malika to stop while Naaz lifts her leg and makes Malika fall.

Meanwhile, the teacher informs the children about the submission fee for the trip to the museum. 

After school Nehmat requests Jasmine to send Naaz on a museum trip.

Jasmine is leaving with Naaz but sees Gurpreet getting out of the car.

Meanwhile, Jasmine opens an umbrella and leaves hurriedly.  

In Virk’s house, Fateh and Tejo scold Nehmat for her impolite behaviour of requesting Naaz’s mother to pay for the trip.

Meanwhile, Tejo pities Naaz’s mother as she has no family.

At the same time, Naaz pleads with Jasmine to send her on a museum trip or else Malika will make fun of her.

Meanwhile, Rupi arranges a flat in Chandigarh for Jasmine.

At the same time, Fateh assures Tejo that Harvinder is in jail but Tejo is worried about Jasmine coming back into their life.

Both Fateh and Tejo decide to tell Nehmat the truth.

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