Udaariyaan 4th June 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 4th June 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 4th June 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 4th June 2022 episode starts with the doctor informing the families that both Jasmine and the baby are fine but they will need to keep her there for observation.

Gurpreet starts crying while the nurse tells them that only two people can stay overnight with the patient and leaves.

Fateh signals Tanya who convinces Gurpreet to go home as they will stay with Jasmine.

Meanwhile, Satti goes to check on Jasmine who acts as slapping herself for falling and putting the baby in danger.

Satti questions Jasmine why she wants to abort the baby if she cares about it too much and Jasmine tells her that she doesn't want to bring a fatherless baby into the world.

Later, Tanya is eating noodles outside the hospital when Fateh comes there and takes them back taunting her for eating while Jasmine is in the hospital.

However, Tanya retorts that she isn't Tejo and will not starve herself for Jasmine.

Fateh asks her if she thinks Jasmine is acting and fooling all of them while Tanya recalls her deal with Jasmine.

Lying to Fateh, Tanya says that Jasmine is genuine and tells him to focus on her suggestion of marrying Jasmine as a solution to all their problems.

Just then, Tanya gets a call from Satti who says that Jasmine wants to talk to her, and Tanya leaves.

Further, Tanya enters the hospital room as Satti goes home and Jasmine questions her about the Virk family's reaction.

Tanya recalls her conversation with Fateh and asks Jasmine if she intentionally put the baby in danger to convince the Virk family.

Jasmine again starts acting and slaps Tanya for thinking so low of her and makes Tanya guilty for thinking that.

In the evening, Gurpreet brings Prasad for Jasmine and meets Tejo (Tanya) who again insists she thinks about Fateh and Jasmine in her way.

Later, at home, Gurpreet imagines talking to Amrik who also suggests to her that Jasmine needs a life partner and that Fateh can be that life partner.

The next day, Jasmine returns home and is happily greeted by her family while Jasmine acts dry towards all of them.

Just then, Gurpreet comes there and informs her that she has brought good news for her.

Everyone goes inside and there, Gurpreet reveals that she has brought a proposal for Fateh to marry Jasmine.

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