Udaariyaan 6th June 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 6th June 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 6th June 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 6th June 2022 episode starts with Gurpreet telling Jasmine that she knows how to fulfill Jasmine's demand.

Rupy questions Gurpreet who finally reveals that she has brought a proposal for Fateh to marry Jasmine and become the child's father.

Fateh is stunned to hear the news while Jasmine thinks that Tanya finally managed to convince Gurpreet.

Rupy asks Gurpreet if she has talked to Fateh about it while Gurpreet reveals that she will talk to him once Jasmine agrees.

Rupy and Satti refuse saying that Fateh and Tejo (Tanya) love each other and should talk to them before going any further.

Elsewhere, Fateh is in the market recalling Tanya's suggestion to him to marry Jasmine and Gurpreet's sadness.

Just then, a girl comes there and asks Fateh if he wouldn't buy her bangles which makes him recall how he used to buy Tejo the bangles.

Back in Barnala, Tejo makes a clay house and says that she and Fateh will live in this house when he comes to get her.

Meanwhile, at the Sandhu house, Tejo (Tanya) says that she does not love Fateh anymore and can't think of him the same way.

Jasmine asks Tejo (Tanya) for a glass of water and whispers to her to do her drama and convince the Sandhu family to agree.

Tanya understands and starts doing drama saying that she cannot imagine herself as Fateh's wife/lover anymore or in the future and that it is best if Fateh married Jasmine.

Jasmine tells Gurpreet that she doesn't want Fateh to forcefully agree to the marriage as she doesn't want to be indebted to anyone.

In Barnala, Billo addresses Tejo as Heer and asks her if Fateh likes Puri's while Tejo replies that he likes everything made by her.

Elsewhere, Gurpreet emotionally blackmails and tries to convince him to marry Jasmine.

Fateh goes back to his room defeated and puts on his wedding suit while admiring Tejo's picture.

In Barnala, Tejo sees a wedding procession passing by and rushes to the groom asking him if he's Fateh.

However, the groom declines and continues the procession leading to Tejo becoming sad and frantic.

The frame falls from Fateh's hand and he injures his hand trying to pick up the glasses.

Billo and Kamal try to comfort Tejo but she runs to the dry field and starts thrashing around the dust in anger.

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