Udaariyaan 6th September 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 6th September 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 6th September 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 6th September 2022 episode starts with Nehmat crying in her room while the door is locked.

Tejo and Fateh stand at the door crying and Tejo's heart shatters seeing Nehmat’s state.

Meanwhile, Fateh tries to console Tejo who falls to her knees due to overwhelming hurt.

On the other hand, Jasmine doesn’t pick up Rupi’s call and messages him that she will not go to Chandigarh.

Meanwhile, Fateh tells Tejo to spare some time for Nehmat to digest the harsh news while Nehmat peaks at her mother's crying state from inside the room.

In Jasmine’s home, Jasmine tells Naaz about her family and Naaz starts to make a fuss to meet them.

In Sandhu's house, Sati enters the room furiously and confronts Rupi to reveal the secret.

Hesitant Rupi locks the door and shows Jasmine's message to Sati and she gets shocked after finding out about Naaz from Rupi.

Meanwhile, an ecstatic Naaz sees the photo album but gets shocked after seeing Nehmat’s mother's photo.

When Jasmine tells her about Tejo, Naaz starts to dance after finding out that Nehmat is her sister.

In Virk’s house, Nehmat is holding the photo frame tightly while Tejo tries to pacify her from outside.

Meanwhile, Jasmine confesses her love for Tejo while Naaz asks about their separation. 

Later, Naaz suggests calling Tejo but Jasmine asks her to wait for Rupi.

In Sandhu’s house, sobbing Rupi tells Sati about his excruciating dilemma of Jasmine snatching Nehmat from Tejo after coming back.

Sati promises Rupi that she will take care of Jasmine and Naaz.

In Virk's house, Tejo furiously tells Fateh to take care of Nehmat while she goes and confronts Naaz’s mother for saddening her daughter.

In Jasmine’s house, Sati and Rupi see Naaz while Tejo is driving her car furiously.

Sati hugs Naaz while she apologises to Rupi for Jasmine’s actions and assures him she will never lie to him.

Meanwhile, emotional Rupi hugs Naaz and confesses his love to her and finds out Jasmine is gone somewhere.

Outside Nehmat’s room, Fateh is sitting outside with a plate of food while Nehmat is crying watching the view from the room’s window.

On the other hand, Naaz tells Rupi that Jasmine knows he will come and gives him some envelopes.

At the same time, Tejo enters Naaz’s house furiously and gets shocked seeing Sati and Rupi.

Meanwhile, Tejo's eyes get wide as Naaz hugs her referring to her as “Tejo Massi”.

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