Udaariyaan 9th August 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 9th August 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 9th August 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udaariyaan 9th August 2022 episode starts with the eunuchs dancing with the Virk family to give blessing to Tejo, Fateh and Jasmine.

Amanpreet has sent those eunuchs to lure out Candy alone while Eunuchs keep the Virk family busy.

On the other hand, Jasmine is finding the fake bump while Simran barges into Jasmine's room to call Jasmine downstairs.

Panicky Jasmine makes the excuse of being tired and sends Simran out of her room.

Meanwhile, Amanpreet tries to make up Candy’s mind that he is Candy’s real father and shows him pictures of him and Simran in Canada.

Simran finds Candy missing and the whole Virk family starts to find Candy.

Tejo finds Candy outside with Amanpreet and calls the whole family outside while Mahi takes Candy inside.

Seeing Amapreet in his house Fateh gets agitated and grabs Amanpreet from the collar and tells him to get out.

Meanwhile, Amanpreet says he has filed a case in the family court to gain Candy’s custody with the positive DNA report as the evidence.

The Virk family tries to calm down Fateh while Simran confronts Amanpreet asking what he wants.

Amanpreet screams he wants his child while Fateh throws out Amanpreet from his house.

Inside Virk's house, Fateh plans to prove Amanpreet as a criminal to refrain him from winning the case.

The Virk family assures Simran that they will win Candy’s custody at any cost.

Later on, Tejo tries to massage Jasmine's bump but Jasmine lies about having stomach aches while screaming in pain.

Gurpreet takes Tejo out of Jasmine's room to let Jasmine rest.

Meanwhile, Tejo recalls Jasmine's jumpiness whenever she tries to touch her bump and gets suspicious of Jasmine.

Gurpreet informs Tejo that everyone is going out while Tejo and Jasmine are going to be home alone.

At the same time, Amanpreet enters the Virk house while Tejo is taking shower.

Amanpreet hears the shower sound and enters Tejo’s room pervertedly.

Tejo comes out of the shower with her back on Amanpreet and continues to dry her hair with a towel.

Seeing Tejo’s beauty Amanpreet goes towards her and touches Tejo’s neck creepily.

Feeling a foreign touch Tejo screams out and sees Amanpreet standing in the middle of her room while the whole house is empty. 

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