Udaariyaan 9th March 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 9th March 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 9th March 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today's Udariaan 9th March 2022 episode starts with Dara overhearing Tejo and Fateh's conversation regarding Jasmine.

Hearing Fateh mentioning his determination in finding the person whom Jasmine gives money to, Dara decides to stay out of Fateh's sight.

Later, at night, Tejo finds difficulty in sleeping because of the injuries on her back.

So, Tejo tries to change the dressing on the wounds but is unable to do it herself.

Fateh witnesses Tejo's difficulty through the door and offers to help.

Further, the moment gets a little cozy when Fateh unzips Tejo's dress to take out her bandages.

However, when the removal of bandages creates pain, Tejo turns around and hugs Fateh tightly.

Fateh hugs her back recalling their past moment when they spent a special night for the first time together that was filled with love, passion, and intimacy.

The next morning, Tejo and Fateh overhear Khushbeer being worried about losing his political reputation forever and decide to do something about it.

At the hospital, Tejo feeds breakfast to Jasmine and asks her to take care of herself.

After coming out of Jasmine's ward, Tejo sees Angad distributing balloons at the inauguration of the children's ward.

Later, someone shakes Jasmine abruptly which breaks her sleep.

Seeing Dara in front of her, Jasmine starts getting chills.

Dara threatens to expose her true face to the family if she does not send him the money he has asked for on time.

The tension worsens Jasmine's condition.

At the same time, Tejo comes there and sees Dara leaving the ward.

To find who he is, Tejo sits in Angad's car and asks him to follow Dara.

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