Udne Ki Aasha 10th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 10th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Akash asking Tejas to exchange rings with Sayali after which the Saakharpura ceremony is over.

Renuka gives gifts to Sayali and taunts her that she won't be able to handle such expensive gifts to make Sayali feel bad.

After that, Sayali notices that Tejas has been busy on his phone for a long time which makes her anxious after that Aaji comes on the stage and snatches Tejas's phone from him.

Meanwhile, Renuka introduces her friends to Sayali after which her friend defames Sayali saying that she sells flowers near Ganpati mandir and whispers in Renuka's ear why she chose her for Tejas.

Then, Aaji scolds Jyoti for demeaning Sayali and reminds her that earlier before her marriage she also used to sell chapatis along with her mother which makes Jyoti feel offended and she goes from there.

Aaji asks Sayali's younger brother and sister to play some music and dance after which Dilip says that after the photo session, they will dance while Aaji goes from there and asks Renuka to start the mehendi function by applying mehendi on Sayali's hand.

Renuka follows her instruction and applies mehendi on Sayali's hand whereas  Paresh calls Sachin and asks him to come on time for the function after which Sachin tells him that after completing the ride he will return.

Meanwhile, dance begins and everyone enjoys the function whereas Tejas is still busy with his phone to convince Isha while Sachin reaches there after which his friend asks why he came late.

Sachin tells him that he is busy with his work when Sudhakar reaches the function and Sayali's family notices him there which makes Sayali worried.

Sayali asks Shobha if she has invited him after which Dilip says that he will handle Sudhakar after which Sayali requests him to not say anything to Sudhakar.

Shobha says that she will handle Sudhakar and she asks Dilip to do his dance practice with Juhi whereas Sachin goes into the kitchen and drinks alcohol after which the cook asks him not to drink on the occasion of his brother's wedding.

Sachin asks him to join along with him after which both of them drink the alcohol in the kitchen whereas Isha decides to go to the function and she is about to reach the location in a few minutes.

Sudhakar asks Shobha to repay the loan on time otherwise he will keep on coming to her place and indirectly says that he will look after Sayali and her family which provokes Shobha's anger but she goes from there.

Meanwhile, Sachin discusses life about marriage with the cook while Juhi dances along with Akash which makes Renuka angry and she gives weird looks to them while both enjoy dancing together.

Sudhakar goes and meets Tejas and tells Tejas that he has had a close relationship with Sayali for years and he praises Sayali on the stage after which he asks her why she is marrying someone other than him.

Juhi asks him to go away from there after which he misbehaves with them and says that he wants to marry Sayali which makes Juhi angry and she yells at him.      

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