Udne Ki Aasha 10th July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 10th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sayali giving a glass of milk to Roshni after that Renu asks her to go from there.

Roshni asks for her blessings after that Renu says that even she is blessed to have a daughter-in-law like her whereas Sachin brings mangos for Sayali which makes her feel special seeing Sachin caring for her.

She thanks god for sending Sachin into her life after that he asks her if she talked to Aaji then she tells him that she talked to her on call.

Then, she gives her first earnings to Sachin but he refuses to take it and says that he cannot take the money and asks her to give that money to her family.

Sachin says that he will repay his loan on his own and asks Sayali to think about Juhi and Dilip's future after that Sayali says that her money belongs to him.

On the next day, Renu waits for Roshni and Tejas to get up as they have to go to temple and Shakhu also calls her then Renu asks her to wait for them.

Sayali makes breakfast while Renu scolds her for not asking her before making the breakfast as per her will then Sayali says that last night she only asked her to make whatever she wants to cook.

Renu says that she might have been busy last night which is why she would have said that after that she asks her to make Roshni's favorite food then Sayali says that it's getting late so she will make the lunch as Roshni's will.

Sayali goes from there after that Renu yells at Paresh for bringing Sayali into their house while Sachin searches for his shirt but cannot find it anywhere after that he remembers that Tejas would have taken it.

He goes to his room but Renu does not allow him to go there after that Sachin yells at him then Sayali holds his hand and asks him to have the breakfast as she makes his favorite breakfast.

Sachin becomes happy while Renu gets angry seeing Sayali cooking Sachin's favorite breakfast but Sayali also gives a befitting reply to her which makes her feel offended.

Later, Roshni and Tejas come for breakfast and Roshni asks Sayali to make juice but she recalls Sachin's word and asks Roshni to make it on her own.

Sachin feels happy seeing Sayali taking a stand for herself while Rosni goes to make the juice and Renu does not like the juice but she drinks it for Roshni.

After that, they go to the temple whereas Sachin takes Sayali to make her meet his boss so that he can get some time to repay his loan.

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