Udne Ki Aasha 10th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 10th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Paresh coming to Aaji's house and he notices that Sayali has met with an injury after which he asks about it.

Sayali tells him that she is fine and Aaji has been treated for it after that Paresh shows Aaji that Renu has come over there which surprises Aaji and she asks him how she came over there.

Sachin is also shocked to see her over there and he asks Paresh how this magic happened after which Paresh tells him that she was willing to come over there.

Aaji asks Sachin no questions asks Renu to come inside the house and asks Seema to prepare tea for Renu but Sachin goes into a corner and again argues with Paresh over Renu which makes her angry.

On next day, Sachin asks Sayali if she is fine or not after which she tells him that she is fine now then he thanks god and says that he can go to work on time otherwise Aaji won't allow them to go back.

Sayali gets angry with him when he says so and she asks him if his work is important then he says that he should have taken her to the hospital to check her mind.

Later, Renu behaves extra sweet with Sayali which surprises Sachin while Aaji asks him to not doubt her Aaji says that she feels good to see her complete family together and she asks her to call Aaksh and Tejas next time.

Renu assures her that she will come along with the other kids too next time and she says that it is her sasural and she has the right to come over there after that Aaji asks Sayali to relax so Renu takes her inside the room.

Sachin tells Paresh that there is something wrong with Renu or if any soul has come inside her while Paresh says that there is nothing wrong with her and not any soul can come inside her.

Then, Sachin discusses it with Aaji and she asks him to not talk about it as there is nothing in it and she asks him to not disturb her after which he goes to talk about it with Sayali.

On the other hand, Aaksh again talks with his favorite customer on call and tells him everything that happened today after that he goes to Shobha's house to meet them while Juhi asks him if he needs any help.

Meanwhile, Renu comes into Sayali's room and asks her what is in her that makes her good in everyone's eye after which Sayali tells her everything which surprises Renu while Sachin comes over there and tells about Paresh.

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